Health benefits of jasmine flower…


Let’s know how health benefits of jasmine flower

The scent of jasmine attracts the mind, more than that, health is also beneficial. Flowers of jasmine are white and yellow. Its taste is tart and nature is cold.

In addition to jasmine flowers, its leaves also contain many types of medicinal properties. It benefits in teeth, mouth, skin and eye diseases. Let us know health benefits of jasmine flower.

Health benefits of jasmine flower

If the mouth has blisters, chew its leaves slowly, it will end the blisters.

Applying jasmine leaves oil, if there is skin disease, is beneficial.

On headache the coating of jasmine flowers putting on the head ends the headache.

Making a decoction of jasmine leaves after pain in the gums, gargling ends the pain.

After pain in the eyes, coating of jasmine flowers by closing the eyes and pain ends.

By regularly planting jasmine flowers on the face, the glow of the face increases.

After crack the heel of the feet, by applying juice of jasmine leaves in torn heel the heel are cured.

If there are insects in the stomach, grinding jasmine leaves and drinking them, insects get out.

For problem of menstruation, grinding 10 grams of jasmine leaves and drinking them helps solve the problem.

Upon being anal fissure, mix the leaves of jasmine, banyan leaves, giloy, dry gourd and rock salt and drink with buttermilk.

After vomiting, after grinding the juice of 10 grams of white jasmine leaves mixed with 2 grams of black pepper powder, lick and stop vomiting.

Besides, jasmine is beneficial in facial scars, tumors, paralysis, urinary diseases etc. Be sure to consult a doctor before trying these tips.


Usually, jasmine is considered safe for most people use. However, some people may also be allergic to it.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding a small amount of jasmine is considered safe, but it is important to consult a doctor before consuming it as a medicine.