Hay Fever…


Learn how to recognize the symptoms of hay fever and how to treat them

The winds that move in the spring, summer and autumn season release some particles that reach our nose and throat during breathing. After this, our body complains of allergies to these particles.

Hay Fever : Triggers, Symptoms and causes

This allergy is known as Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis.

Hay fever symptoms

1- Runny nose

2- Nasal congestion

3- Sneezing constantly

4- Cough

5- Eye, nose and throat itching

6- Watery eyes

7- Dark circles under the eyes

Here’s how to protect:

1. Covering the mouth –

When you get out of the house, cover the mouth and nose well. By this the particles spread in the air outside it will not go inside your body while breathing and there will be no problem of allergy.

2. Do not smoke –

Smoking causes diseases. In hay fever, smoking is responsible for allergies, because of smoking, the pollen particles around you enter your mouth and nose. So should not smoke.

3. Drink herbal tea –

Herbal tea is very beneficial in hay fever allergy. Drinking it relieves allergy and also provides energy. You can use ginger, black pepper, basil leaves, cloves and sugar candy in herbal tea.

4. Do yoga –

To get rid of hay fever ,Setu Bandhasana, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Sarvangasana, Virabhadrasana and anulom-vilom should be done. These yoga asanas keep the respiratory system correct and also clean the nose dirt.

Other precautions

  1. Try to use vacuum cleaner instead of broom in the house.
  2. Keep curtains, sheets, bedsheets and carpets in the sun periodically.
  3. Stay away from hairy animals. If you are allergic to pets, do not keep them at home.
  4. Avoid going in very hot to cold and cold to hot environment.
  5. Use of safe medicines in case of severe allergic reactions and consult a specialist.