Benefits Of Guava Leaf Tea

Benefits Of Guava Leaf Tea
Drinking guava leaf tea after meals can help suppress blood sugar spikes, and has not shown to interact negatively with medications people with diabetes may be taking.

Forget expensive medicines, drink only 1 cup of guava leaves tea for a month

You must be drinking tea daily, but hardly drink tea made from guava leaves. If you have never had guava leaves tea, then replace it with your normal tea as soon as possible. (Guava Leaves Benefits)

Benefits Of Guava Leaf Tea You Should Know

Often when people talk about guava, they only talk about its taste. But, very few people know about its benefits. Guava has many medicinal properties, which are very beneficial for health. Not only the fruits of guava, but its leaves are also beneficial for health in many ways. Guava leaves are rich in many nutrients, due to which they are more beneficial than guava fruits. Due to its medicinal properties, guava leaves are also used as tea in many places. Tea made from guava leaves is known as herbal tea, whose medicinal properties will surprise you too.

Antioxidants, flavonoids and quercetic along with medicinal properties are also found in guava leaves in large quantities, which are increasing the popularity of tea made from guava leaves. Believe me, you will also be surprised to know about the health benefits of guava leaf tea. So let us tell you about some tremendous guava leaf tea benefits –

  • How to make guava leaves tea

To make this tea, first you will need some guava leaves. With this one-third teaspoon of normal tea leaves, one and a half cup of water and honey.

Method – First of all wash about 10 fresh guava leaves thoroughly. Take a saucepan and put one and a half cup of water in it to boil on normal flame for 2 minutes. Now put washed guava leaves in it and add normal tea leaves for taste and color. Now cook it for 10 minutes. Finally add honey to it for sweetness. Your guava leaves tea is ready.

  • Lower cholesterol

Excess of cholesterol in the body can cause many health problems. Excess of cholesterol is especially dangerous for the heart. Due to its excess, there is a risk of heart attack, heart stroke and atherosclerosis. Actually, cholesterol obstructs the blood circulation in the body. Which gives rise to many health problems. According to a study, guava leaf tea lowers cholesterol levels to a great extent. Due to which there are many types of health benefits.

  • Get rid of diabetes

Drinking tea made from guava leaves also helps in getting rid of the problem of diabetes. People suffering from the problem of type 2 diabetes must drink tea made from guava leaves. Drinking tea made from guava leaves on an empty stomach controls the sugar level and the problem of diabetes does not bother the body. Therefore, if you are troubled by this problem, then instead of drinking normal tea made from milk, drink tea made from guava leaves.

  • Get rid of acne

The medicinal elements present in guava leaves work to purify the blood. Generally, the biggest reason for pimples and spots on the face are the toxins present in the body and guava leaves remove these toxins from the blood. Due to which one gets rid of spots and pimples on the face. Drinking tea made from guava leaves once a day can give you relief from the problem of pimples to a great extent. Apart from this, grinding guava leaves and applying it on pimples also helps to get rid of this problem.

  • Good for stomach

Tea made from guava leaves is also a panacea for other ailments like gas, constipation and stomach cramps. A cup of tea made from guava leaves daily can relieve you from many stomach ailments. The antibacterial properties present in it not only remove toxins from the body, but also cool the stomach. So if you are also troubled by stomach related diseases, then you must consume tea made from guava leaves daily.