Great Benefits of Beta Carotene..

Benefits of beta carotene

Do you know the amazing benefits of beta carotene?

You will be unaware of these surprising beta carotene benefits

Let us tell you incredible benefits of beta carotene after that you will know why you should consume beta carotene

Today, we definitely include a variety of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet like red, orange, yellow or green. Many types of vitamins and minerals present in them not only make our diet nutritious, but also beneficial for our health. Apart from these, these colorful fruits and vegetables are important 24 types of carotenoids or provitamins, which are considered to be the producer of vitamin A and the basic source of plant colors.

Impressive Benefits of Beta Carotene, You must to know

These carotenoids are beneficial in the treatment of diseases such as eye diseases and cancer. But for this it is important to pay attention to food, because not only the lack of these carotenoids, but also due to excess, many problems start to occur.

Beta carotene

Beta-carotene is very important among the useful carotenoids for us. Beta-carotene is a red, orange and yellow pigment or color found in plants and fruits (especially carrots). If seen, we get beta-carotene from dark red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. Such as carrots, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet potato, broccoli, custard apple, melon, papaya, mango, peas, cauliflower, red-yellow bell pepper, apricot etc.

The phytochemicals (chemical substances derived from plants) present in them produce color in food by forming the mucous membrane. It is a fat-soluble active compound naturally present in foods. Although beta-carotene is not a nutrient by itself, but it turns into retinol and supplies vitamin A in our body, which is capable of preventing many types of eye diseases, cancer, incurable cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of Beta Carotene

Source and dosage

Scientists have also considered the consumption of beta-carotene in balanced amounts according to the requirement of the body as a safe source of vitamin A supply. Due to its deficiency, where there is a possibility of eye disease, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, its excess also proves dangerous for people who smoke cigarettes. Scientists recommend the intake of 3-6 milligrams of beta-carotene daily to a healthy person, which should include red, orange and yellow fruit-vegetables in the diet, rather than taking supplements to supply. Fruits and vegetables should be taken 5 times a day.

Is very beneficial

Beta-carotene acts as an anti-oxidant and immune system booster. Research has proved that beta-carotene protects us from free radicals that damage our body and strengthens our immune system. Adequate intake may reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, hypertension, and heart attack.

Being a producer of vitamin A, beta-carotene helps to keep the skin healthy. It is helpful in the treatment of skin dryness, psoriasis and vitiligo. It also helps reduce the risk of sunburn. Together with foods rich in vitamin C and E, plays an important role in cancer prevention. Play an important role in maintaining eye health with aging.


Beta-carotene supplements should be taken only on the advice of a doctor. Cigarette smokers, in particular, should avoid high doses of beta-carotene.

More harmful

Research has proved that excessive beta-carotene intake proves harmful. There is a possibility of carotenemia in this, in which the skin of our body becomes yellow. Consumption of these reduces the level of Vitamin E in the body, the effect of which is seen in the form of blood deficiency.

These are all tremendous benefits of beta carotene, By consuming beta carotene you can make health good and avoid many diseases.