Side Effects of Ginseng..

Side Effects of Ginseng

Let’s look at the conditions in which ginseng is most likely to have side effects

  • In some cases the use of ginseng can cause side effects, such as headaches, digestion and sleep-related problems. It is involved in the side effects of ginseng.
  • People suffering from high BP and cardiovascular diseases should not consume ginseng without doctor’s advice.
  • If someone is taking sugar medicines, then they should use ginseng only on the advice of the doctor. It may be that blood sugar is reduced significantly by its use.
  • Do not take any other medicine or food item with ginseng.
Red & White Ginseng Difference

Ginseng is such an ayurvedic herb, whose intake can keep the body healthy. Not only this, the benefits of ginseng can also be many, about which we have explained in this article. Yes, if someone is struggling with a serious problem, then it is necessary to consult a doctor before consuming it. We hope that all the information given in this article will work for you. To learn more about similar herbs, you can read our other articles.

Now we are trying to answer some questions related to ginseng.

Frequently asked Questions –

Q – Can ginseng be harmful?

A – Yes, the use of ginseng can cause some harm, such as headaches, digestion and sleep problems. Also, there may be some other problems, which are explained in detail in the article above.

Q – Can I take ginseng more often or in higher doses?

A – Ginseng can be taken 2 to 3 grams 3 to 4 times a day. Taking more than this may cause some harm.

Q – How long does it take to feel the effect of ginseng?

A – It depends on the health of every person. In some people, its effect can be seen in 2-4 days, while in some people it may take longer. At the moment, scientific research is not yet available to confirm this.

Q – Is it safe to drink ginseng tea everyday?

A – Yes, it is safe to drink ginseng tea daily, but take it in limited quantity.

Q – Is ginseng not good for liver?

A – The use of ginseng can be good for liver. It can also work to relieve many disorders related to liver.

Q – Can I drink ginseng at night?

A – No, ginseng should not be taken before bedtime. If still someone wants to take it, then they must consult the expert once.

Q – Why is ginseng so expensive?

A – Ginseng is an Ayurvedic herb, which can have many benefits. Therefore, it costs more.

Q – Is ginseng bad for kidney?

A – In some cases, from ginseng there is a risk of kidney injury. Therefore, those with kidney problems must consult a doctor before taking it.

Q – Is ginseng harmful to the heart?

A – No, ginseng is not harmful to the heart, but its use can improve heart health.

Q – What is the difference between normal ginseng and Korean ginseng?

A – Common ginseng is also known as white ginseng and Korean ginseng is known as Panax ginseng. Common ginseng is easily found in India, but Korean ginseng is found in very few places in India. Both ginseng can be of a type in terms of health benefits.