Getting heavier obesity in childs body then keep these 5 things attention…

When little children are a little thick and chubby, you feel very dear. But do you know that if the weight of your loved ones is slightly more according to height, then it may soon be a victim of obesity, due to excess fat on the body at the young age, many diseases like diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Fatty Liver, etc. For your child to be healthy, his weight should be controlled. If your child’s body is getting heavy due to obesity, then it is important to take care of certain things from the childhood itself.

Do not let the diet of more calories eat

Kids get high calorie foods such as pizza, burgers, puffs, biscuits, chocolates, momos, Chow mein etc. in the market. If your child demands high calorie foods every day, then explain it and at least reduce the intake of these foods. Inspire the child to eat foods made at home. To make the food attractive, serve it in a variety of shapes, sizes and use colorful fruits and vegetables.

Ban on externally food

It is often seen that children buy cafeteria or lunch from the school, they do not like the food at home, according to a study in the University of Michigan, children who eat externally food more than 3 times a week, among them About 45 per cent suffer from obesity problems, it has also been found that more interest in buying baby chips and cold drinks etc. Es, they fatness increases.

Keep a little out of technology

Nowadays kids spend most of their time on mobile, televisions, laptops, ipad etc. Being dependent on children’s technology is causing them many diseases. Children are becoming obese due to lack of physical work and not doing physical work at all due to late sitting in one place. Due to the waking up in the night, children have a problem of blood pressure since their young age. Childhood obesity is very dangerous.

Make rules for eating with children

You must eat at least once a day with your children. You should also eat healthy foods such as colorful vegetables, fruits, while eating food with children, so children will be motivated to eat them too. Also, keep in mind that children should not use TV, mobile etc. while eating food. Do not sleep or let the children sleep after eating, but encourage them to walk or play for a while. More fruit and vegetables intake reduces the risk of weight gain.

Ask children to play outside

If your child is also busy at home TV and mobile at home all the time, then ask him to play outside, give him at least 60 minutes for the physical activity of the children. Running in children’s activity, jumping rope, football, swimming, cycling Include.

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