Benefits of Frankincense Oil…


Do you know the unique benefits of frankincense oil?

You will be unaware of these surprising benefits of frankincense oil

Let us tell you wonderful benefits of frankincense oil after that you will know why you should use frankincense oil

Frankincense oil is rich in effective health benefits

Frankincense oil is very beneficial, frankincense is generally used in incense sticks, incense and incense burner, besides being used as fragrance and cosmetics, and has many medicinal properties.

9 Incredible Benefits of Frankincense Oil, You must to know

1. Frankincense oil is full of health benefits –

Frankincense oil is rich in antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, digestive, diuretic, carminative, etc. Although frankincense oil is very beneficial, very few people know about its benefits. It is used less in India, but in ancient times it was used in Egypt, Greek, Roman and other countries to protect against diseases. Frankincense is used in incense sticks, incense and incense burners. Apart from its aroma and cosmetics, it also has many medicinal properties.

2. Relieve stress –

Applying frankincense oil on the back of your neck and back helps to get relief from stress quickly. Or take a few drops of this oil in your hands and rub it and then take a deep breath and smell it. You will be surprised to see the effectiveness of this oil.

3. Meditation –

Frankincense oil helps in conducting meditation sessions well. For this you should pay attention by applying frankincense oil between the eyebrows. You can also add other essential oils to increase its effect.

4. Natural Ointment –

Frankincense oil also provides some amazing types of healing properties. Applying this oil around the wound fills the wound quickly. But keep in mind that the oil should be applied only after first thoroughly washing the wound.

5. Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

According to a recent research conducted at Cardiff University, frankincense oil is the key to inhibiting the production of inflammatory molecules, thus helping to reduce the risk of arthritis by preventing the breakdown of cartilage tissue. Indian frankincense has also been found to be very effective in reducing inflammation and pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

6. In cold and respiratory diseases –

Frankincense oil is also very helpful in reducing the phlegm accumulated in the respiratory system and lungs, and it is also helpful in removing congestion caused by bronchitis. If you get more phlegm, then apply it around the neck, it gives relief from irritation. However, if you are already taking some treatment for this problem, then you must consult your doctor once before using it.

7. Oral health problems –

It is also beneficial for oral health problems due to the antiseptic properties present in frankincense oil. Its use helps prevent bad breath, cavity, mouth ulcers, toothache and other infections. It is one of the best natural remedies for oral health.

8. Keep digestive disorders away –

Frankincense oil is also very beneficial for digestive problems. It helps to bring the digestive system back on track by promoting secretion of gastric juices, bile, and acids and allowing food to move properly through the intestines. So that you get rid of stomach disorders like gas, constipation etc.

9. Uterine problems –

This oil is also used to regulate estrogen production in women and reduces the risk of post-menopausal tumors or cyst formation in the uterus. Also frankincense oil is very effective in regulating the menstrual cycle of premenopausal women.

These are all marvellous benefits of frankincense oil, By using frankincense oil you can make health good and avoid many diseases.