For these 6 reasons pain in period…

6 things that can increase pain in your period

There is any process in the body Then you will feel its effect and when process is serious like period, it is important to realize even more. It’s time to get rid of the internal layer of Uterus in your stomach. Due to this procedure, you have to suffer from sweating, dizziness, weakness, Not being desire for work, change in the breast, changing mood and pain in the back or stomach.

When it has been proven that periods are difficult times, why should there be an increase in the problems of these days with some of their own deeds or habits? You may also be doing this because you do not know which of your other things you are doing, because of which you are increasing your pain. Know such 6 habits that cause you more pain.

1. Low sleep: Everyone is aware of how important sleep is necessary in the night. Sweet sleep taken at night keeps sex hormones right. If sleep is decreasing then your physical system may worsen, The result of which can be seen in the form of irregular and long-running “period” On mobile running before going to bed you may have problems with stress. This can increase the pain of period.

2. Caffeine drinks: Caffeine drink means coffee intake. Generally, women do not know the exact facts about drinking coffee in periods, in such a situation, it is doubtful to drink or not drink coffee during periods. How Caffeine Will Affect You It relies entirely on your body. According to a research published in the U.S. Department of Public Health, women had to suffer more due to drinking coffee.

3. Smoking: A survey has proved to be a special issue on women smoking. These women believed that they felt more pain than smoking during periods. This survey proved that, if smoking women used to less or stop smoking in those days, there periods are less painful.

4. Alcohol: Alcohol not only reduces water in your body, but also reduces magnesium levels by consuming it. The lack of magnesium also increases the pain. Symptoms that come after alcohol, such as hangover, headache, mood change, combine with the symptoms of your period doubling the difficulties. It is better to not drink alcohol during this time.

5. Sugar: Pain started, you made up your mind that now there is some sweet food with ease, but the excessive amount of sugar can increase your body’s insulin. Even if you not have diabetes, an increased level of insulin in those days can break estrogen-testosterone-progesterone balance in your body. You may see more anger, irritability and mood swings.

6. Stress: Stress means that your mood is heavy, there is a stir in the mind, there is no heart in work. If there is a ‘period’ in such trouble the situation can worsen even worse. Stress means you are already worried and in such a situation it will be difficult for you to suffer periods. If you are battling such a situation, then resort to meditation, art practice, fun activities or yoga.