Fever is also important know why…

The fever is seen as a disease, but in fact it is a symptom of malfunctioning in our body, it means that our body tries to fight them stronger to protect our system from dangerous bacteria. This symptom has been observed in the warm and cold-blooded organisms for nearly six hundred years, letting you know that in some families, people are not much worried when fever comes and many people are not eat paracetamol, the fever is good for our immune system.


Everybody wants his body’s immune system to function properly. Fever helps keep us healthy. It detects and controls the inner state of our body by fighting microbes. The biggest benefit of having a fever is that this strengthens our immune system. A study by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s Department of Immunology has proved that fever improves our immune function.

Fever helps eliminate the virus

Bacteria slowly enter our body and begin to create many serious diseases within the body. These infected viruses start to produce many diseases, such as cold from winter to hepatitis, in our body. Lymphocyte CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell is a powerful immune cell that kills the virus and prevents tumor cell from growing. When the temperature of our body increases, these cells also grow rapidly so that our body effectively prevents infection. Interferon are our cells that fight viruses. Studies have found that fever helps in increasing the interferon of our body.

Fever increases your Innate Immune System

Innate Immune System is a part of the body’s immune system, which transmits immune cells in infectious locations and destroys bacteria and microbes and destroys them, thereby preventing you from infections. When the fever comes, the Innate Immune System becomes completely active.

In the treatment of cancer, fever helpful

Hyperthermia or fever is very useful in treating many types of cancer. Focal hypothermia destroys cancer cells when it exceeds 40 degrees Celsius and improves immune system. But it can not be said that you will not have to face any problems at the time of the fever. If there is a high fever with shiver or other symptoms, then the doctor should be shown immediately. Get medical help immediately after a 40 degree centigrade fever. Neglecting can prove fatal if you have high fever.