Fertility is weak due to obesity men and women are both at risk…

Nowadays many couples meet like this, who do not even have a child after all their efforts. Most of these couples are those, in which one or both of the husbands or wives are victims of obesity. As the diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer are increasing in people due to poor lifestyle and bad food, fertility is also decreasing. The special thing is that its menace is both men and women. Let’s tell you how obesity affects your reproductive ability and what measures are there to improve it.

From hormonal imbalance occurs to obesity

Obesity is a major cause of hormonal imbalance in women and men. Due to the hormonal imbalance where the sperm of men is affected, there may be problems of periods in women, which causes problems in ovulation, and can not prevent pregnancy. Your true weight not only increases your fertility, but it is also important for both the mother and the child’s health.

Erectile dysfunction

Due to obesity, many types of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney problems are in the body, which affects the blood circulation of the body. Due to lack of proper flow of blood in the penis, stiffness can not be made, which makes it difficult to build relationships. This also affects the reproductive capacity of men.

The risk of miscarriage in women due to obesity

Due to excessive weight gain, women also increase the risk of miscarriage. In many cases it has been observed that if a woman is overweight and she even get pregnant, So a few weeks later, there is an abortion. Apart from this, there is also another problem that obesity-related women do not have normal delivery, rather most of the operation has to be resorted.

Obesity prevents insulin from forming

Due to obesity, the process of insulin formation becomes slow in the body, By which the person increases the risk of diabetes. But the lack of insulin in women affects the reproductive capacity because insulin is reduced in the body, periods become irregular and pregnancy does not occur.