Symptoms of fatty liver…


Due to worsening lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, there are problems related to the liver. Fatty liver is a condition when the amount of unnecessary fat increases in the liver cells and this keeps the risk of permanent damage to the liver.

Let’s know the symptoms of fatty liver

A busy lifestyle and unhealthy diet can lead to many health problems, one of them is Fatty Liver. If it is not treated at the time, it can take a serious form. Fatty liver is the condition when the amount of unnecessary fat increases in the liver cells and it poses a threat to permanent damage. From inflammatory action the liver tissues become stiff. If you want to be safe and healthy, then you should definitely treat it as soon as possible.

Along with improper diet, regular and excessive drinking, obesity etc. are also responsible for fatty liver. You should always try to eat healthy food According to researchers, people with fatty liver problems are at risk of developing diabetes in the future. This research report under the supervision of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) states that fat deposits in the liver have an effect on the production capacity of insulin. It is very important to know the symptoms of fatty liver. Let’s learn what its symptoms are.

Stomach swelling

If there is a problem with fatty liver, the patient’s stomach remains swollen. If this problem is ignored, then it can lead to a serious illness later on. In this problem, a matter is made in the stomach because in blood and matter, the level of proteins and albumin remains. The inflammation of the stomach in it, it feels like a stomach of a pregnant woman emerges.


When there is a problem with fatty liver, the skin of the patient and the eyes appear yellowish. To identify diseases of liver, keep checking your skin and eyes. This type of skin and eyes are white and yellow, indicating that the level of bilirubin (a bile pigment) in the blood has increased and due to this the waste material from the body can not out.

Stomach ache

When you are often complaining of stomach ache, take this symptom seriously. Often the problem of pain in the stomach is not without reason. To identify fatty liver, know that there is a upper right part of the stomach or at the bottom right under the ribs in the pain problem occurs.

Digestive problems

When liver is unhealthy, then digestive problems start, such as food not digesting properly, having acidity problems, which can cause vomiting.

Loss of appetite

Fatty liver problems do not make sense of hunger or decrease appetite due to which the weight gets reduced. In cases where the patient becomes very weak, They are given nutrients through the vein.


When the liver fails, can cause problems like dizziness, muscle weakness, memory loss and confusion and finally coma.

These are all symptoms of fatty liver, By know symptoms of fatty liver you can avoid many diseases.