Facts and myths related to having a kidney stone from tomatoes…


Kidney stone by eating tomato

Usually, there are many things in most people that have myth and prejudice. Health and eating habits are also untouched by this. Many people believe that Tomato intake causes kidney stone to become problematic. Many people even leave tomato consumption due to this belief. But is there any truth behind this assumption? Is there really a problem of kidney stones by eating tomatoes? Let’s know what is true –

What is the truth

When you consume high amounts of oxalate food, the risk of getting kidney stones increases. Although tomatoes also have oxalate, but its quantity is limited and there is no kidney stone due to its consumption in balanced amounts. But daily consumption of tomato in high quantity or grinding together spinach and tomatoes can increase the risk of, kidney stone continuous eating. However, this topic needs to be researched right now.

Brinjal and milk etc from also do not have kidney stones

Despite having high calcium content in eggplant and milk, there is no relation to their consumption by having kidney stones. In fact, the risk of having a kidney stone is high due to the lack of calcium. Due to this imagination, it is not right to give up milk intake.

Kidney stone can be from these things

Tea, coffee, spinach, nuts and aerated drinks, oxalated foods, more salt-rich foods such as pickles, marinated food can become the cause of the stone. Apart from this, Uric acid is high in C-food and table salted red meat, which can be the cause of stone. Apart from this, drinking water in less quantity also increases the possibility of getting a stone.