Due to tuberculosis…

The TB bacteria enters the body of the person in many ways. If you know these causes and avoid them then this disease can be very far away.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease. In case of tuberculosis, the patient’s body becomes weak, its weight starts decreasing, and the patient begins to feel tired. Along with that, cough and high fever also occur to the patient. The effect of tuberculosis can be found in the patient’s lungs, bones, glands. Visions can be found anywhere in the intestines. Its bacteria are so subtle that they can be identified only through X-ray.

By bacteria

TB is caused by bacteria called mycobacterium. These bacteria occur in lungs and cause lesions in that. These germs can attack lungs, skin, joints, spinal cord, gum, bones, intestines, etc.

Contact with the patient

By staying in contact with any TB patient his coughing, sneezing and spitting the Bacteria enter the body of a healthy person.

By living in the wrong way

Tuberculosis is more likely to be of those people whose diet and lifestyle are wrong. Due to these bad habits, the extracts (spoiled matter) of the body gets accumulated in the body and the disease is created in the body.

From low resistance capacity

Due to decreased immunity in the body, TB disease is more likely to occur, because tuberculosis does not have the ability to fight the bacteria in the body.

Working more than the functionality

Tuberculosis occurs when the patient works more than the power of his work.

From a wet and dusty atmosphere

Tuberculosis is also due to staying in a more wet place and staying in a dusty environment.

From lack of sunlight

Due to lack of light and sunlight and due to Improper manner of food tuberculosis disease can occur.

From parents to children

Tuberculosis germs, either from the parents of a small child or wrong ways lifestyle, Tuberculosis is happen to children.

From malnutrition

Due to malnutrition or extremely low weight, TB bacteria attack on the body quickly.

From alcohol or drug

Excessive alcohol or drug intake increases the risk of tuberculosis.