Does your hair become sticky in winter? So take care of these 4 tips with the help.

Some people’s hair becomes very sticky in the winter season. If your hair becomes sticky too, you can make them soft and silky by taking care of some things. One reason for the viscosity of the hair is the dirt of the head and the other reason is that your skin glands produce more quantity of oil. Due to the sticky hair, dust and soil are more accumulated, which can also cause skin diseases and dandruff problems. Apart from this, the problem of hair fall may also increase due to the closure of the scales of scalp. Often, due to hormonal changes in stress or pregnancy, there may be a problem of stickiness in the hair. Let’s tell you how you can make your hair silky.

Cover the hair on exit

The hair is very quickly damaged by sun and pollution. Dust is hair become dirty and oily. Therefore, use scarves or hats to protect hair from sun rays, dust, soil and pollution.

Keep the hair while washing the hair

First of all, if your hair is oily, leave only one day and every day wash them. Also, choose such shampoos that do not have moisturizers, otherwise the hair will be oily quickly. If your hair is more sticky then the hair should always be washed with cold water. Instead of very hot water in winter, they can be taken washed lukewarm water. Do not use conditioner in the head skin when there is oily hair.

Get the right diet for hair

The right amount of protein is essential for strengthening hair and keeping them healthy. Due to the lack of protein, the color of the hair starts to fade. They become lifeless and shining. Therefore, add enough amount of fish, egg, soybean, pulses and green vegetables to your diet.

Hair is required to trim

Trim Hair Hair From time to time. Do not always keep the hair open, but keep it open when you need it, it will not cause too much dirt in the hair and the hair will remain good. It is very important to take care of oily hair. Oily hair becomes very dirty, Which is why hair often has to be washed.