Do not feed the children much the salt stuff, the kidneys have bad effects…

The faster the adult’s diet is worsening, the nutrition of the children has also decreased at the same speed. Behind this, parents of the children are responsible only. Because often parents the habit of harmful food. When the children are troubling, it has been seen that their parents give them chips, crunchy, french fries, snacks and other such salt products and silence them and after a few days the child gets used to these harmful foods. Then they start crying after seeing, such things.

If you are also repeating a similar mistake with your children, it can be detrimental to your child and the whole family. Giving excessive salt or salt things to the children is not less than the danger for them. It spoils their health and can also be the cause of many deadly diseases.

According to the study

According to the survey of the Trading Standard, children within one year should not eat more than 1 gram of salt daily. Similarly, for the child of 1-3 years of age it is correct to eat 2 grams per day, and from him 3 grams of salt for the age of excess. 5 grams of salt is sufficient for a child of 7-10 years, they should not eat more salt than that.

What is the most important for children

Breast milk only contains so much sodium, that it will make the child complete the supply of salt easily. Nowadays, as many also packet closure diet are available in the market, sodium is found in large amounts. Therefore, in your child’s diet, do not include anything other than just green greens-vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Why is foods containing salt harmful

Risk of kidney worsening

Consuming more salt for children can be harmful. Because if you feed the baby more salt then the amount of sodium in its body will increase. Occasionally, the kidneys can not balance the amount of sodium in our body, causing chronic kidney disease. Apart from this, eating more salt will increase the likelihood of kidney stones in the kidneys.

Increases obesity

The producers we buy are the ones we are most consuming salt. For this, before purchasing any food item, you should see the amount of material available in it. Children eat out snacks, chips, etc., which contain high amounts of salt, This salt causes these foods to cause obesity.

Bad effect on brain

In some research, it was also revealed that adding salt to the small children’s food also had a bad effect on their mind. Therefore, while feeding your children, be sure to remember that they do not have to eat salt. Always buy items made specifically for the sake of small children. The quantity of salt in them is very low, so that they do not cause any harm to them.