Dangerous for testosterone hormones in addicted men like beedi, cigarettes and ganja, know experts opinion

The bad strife between the run-of-the-fold lifestyle, the disorganized lifestyle, the burden of work, and the mental stress, is increasing the problems of people in the present period, because their physical energy is becoming impaired day by day. Experts explain this as a serious concern. Rajat Trehan, founder of Clinical Nutrition, Dietitian and Heel Your Body, said that people need to think about what bad habits to reduce physical energy, leaving them can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

According to the latest report from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 28.6% of India’s 130 million population consumes tobacco. Surprising facts have been revealed in the report that about 18.4% of youth eat not only tobacco but also other dangerous substances like cigarettes, bidi, khaini, beetles, opium, ganja.

In the past year I. WHO Global Status Report also encountered some such worrying figures. According to this report in 2017, consumption of alcohol per person in the last 11 years has doubled in India. Where a person drink 3 liters of alcohol 11 years ago, the increase in consumption has increased to 6 liters in the last 11 years.

According to the report, in this decade, in addition to tobacco and alcohol among Indian youth, addiction addiction has increased rapidly. He is the drug substance drugs. Due to the use of drugs and other drug substances, there is excessive use of energy in maintaining physical function, due to which these substances begin to accumulate in the form of toxic substances in the liver and lungs.

Food habits have also changed rapidly in the past few years. From superfood to junk food, not only in cities but also in rural areas, it is now spreading its feet. According to a report by Clint in the year 2018, 35 percent of Indians have fast food accounts once in less than a week.

According to a survey of the Indian Journal of Public Health, 14 percent of schoolchildren are victims of obesity. Due to the lack of nutrients required in junk food, obesity increases, the risk of cholesterol increases at the earliest and other digestive organs that digest the liver and digestion require much energy and hormonal discharge to digest junk food, because these foods Substances contain high levels of carbohydrates and fats.

Changing lifestyles and urban lifestyle are one of the major reasons for low sleep. People are not able to sleep due to workload, pressure of education, soreness in relationships, tension and other problems. Youth spend most of the time watching movies and party at night.

Experts say that lack of sleep reduces stress hormones. This reduces testosterone. There is less risk of heart disease and obesity being increased due to less sleep. Because of low sleep, the body needs more energy so fat is accumulated, which increases the risk of diabetes, which means diabetes is multiplied.

Yoga, Meditation and Exercise These three things are a reflection of the health problems associated with body and body, all of which balance our body to normal blood circulation (blood circulation) and hormones, as well as physical energy and its functioning. Keep up. During physical exercise our bodies burn fat and calories, which gives the body more energy.