Crying is also good for health learn these 6 great benefits…

The way laughing is good for our health, crying is also good for our health. Doctors say there are many benefits to crying or tears. But most people do not know why this happens. Scientists believe that when we come to our tears when we are crying, it removes stress and improves mental health. But why does this happen? How does it happen? And what are the scientific reasons for this? Let’s know.

Why do tears come

Things which make the person very happy or hurt, their message reaches that particular part of our brain, which is called the hypothalamus. This part of brain controls and operates emotions. The hypothalamus is activated when it is very sad or happy, and through the facial nerve he sends messages to the Lacrimal Gland on top of the eyelids, it gets activated as soon as the message is received and tears start flowing through the eyes. Even in normal conditions, this gland will have a limited amount of tears leakage and their moisture provides relief to the eyes. Often you would have heard the elderly say that after crying, the mind becomes light. After their studies, scientists have now reached the conclusion that crying removes stress.

Unique experiment in japan

Japanese scientists sometimes encourage people to crying, instead of laughing at them. For this purpose, tear teachers are being prepared there, who tell the people about the benefits of crying out to the people, that they should not feel embarrassed. Feidhumi Yoshida is a high school teacher and she has studied this subject. From his research, he has proved that the crying rather than laughing or sleeping tension quickly removes.

Tears remove depression

Many times when a person gets very upset, he does not understand anything and he weeps. In this context, Dr. Ashima Srivastava, senior clinical psychologist from Max Hospital, Delhi, says, “If there is any cry, there is no such thing as being uncomfortable. The crying process is helpful in maintaining emotional balance. During the crying, there is a secretion of certain types of hormones and neurotransmitters from the brain, who quickly get involved in the work of removing stress. Because of this, the mind becomes lighter after crying.

Tell frankly

The thing here is not only to cry but it is very important for good mental health that instead of forcibly controlling your emotions, we share them with the close people. This makes it easy to relieve stress. In this context, Dr. Ashima further says, ‘In our society, it is put into the minds of children in the society that boys do not cry, so they learn to control their emotions strictly. In contrast, girls are more expressive in congenital. Whether laughing or crying, she openly express their every emotion. For this reason she are emotionally stronger. To be mentally healthy, it is important for a person to be spontaneous, so accept the tears easily as laugh.