Benefits of Crunches

Interesting Benefits of Crunches

You must have often heard one of your friends or acquaintances saying that you have to start a firm gym from tomorrow. It is another matter that tomorrow never comes and then gradually obesity and other physical problems surround you. Now that such a situation does not arise, it is necessary to be aware from now on. For this, good sleep, adequate food, and many types of exercise have to be included in your daily routine. Now you would think that you have to go to the gym for exercise, but it is not so. You can keep yourself fit by just doing crunches exercise at home. In this article of Myhealthonly, we will tell only the benefits of crunches. Along with this, how to do this exercise properly will also tell. Before proceeding further in the article, let us tell you that before starting any type of exercise, it is also necessary to consult a trainer.

At the beginning of the article, we are telling what is called crunches exercise.

What is Crunches?

Crunches exercise is most popular among gym-goers and exercisers as well as sportsmen. This exercise, which is done lying on the back, is not only easy to do, but it is also very beneficial. Through this exercise, weight can be reduced along with tightening the abdominal muscles. This can be a good exercise for those who want to reduce belly fat. This exercise can be done in many ways. We will tell about this in detail later in the article.

In the next part of the article, we are telling what types of crunches exercise are.

Types of Crunches

Although there are many types of crunches, here we are telling the types of main and beneficial types.

  1. Basic Crunches
  2. Reverse Crunches
  3. Vertical Leg Crunches
  4. Long Arm Crunches
  5. Bicycle Crunches
  6. Double Crunches

After knowing the types of crunches exercise, now we discuss their crunches benefits.

Tremendous Health Benefits of Crunches

There is no doubt that doing any kind of exercise is beneficial, but here we will tell only the benefits of crunches exercise. Let us know about these benefits in detail.

  1. Benefits of Crunches Exercise for Strong Muscles

Crunches exercise can be beneficial in strengthening the muscles. A research paper in this regard is available on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). It has been told in this research paper that if crunches exercise or cross crunches exercise is done even once or twice a week, it can help in providing strength to the abdominal muscles. Similar results were obtained from a test conducted on 59 men and 59 women.

  1. To reduce waist fat

It has been mentioned at the beginning of the article that crunches exercise is called abdominal exercise. At the same time, in research published on the website of NCBI, it is mentioned that doing abdominal exercises does not reduce belly fat, but it can definitely help in reducing it. Therefore, if a balanced diet is taken along with regular crunches exercise, then the body can be brought in the right shape comfortably.

  1. Make the body flexible

Crunches exercise can also help in making the body flexible. Several research organizations have conducted research on this topic on young, adult, and elderly people, which is published on the NCBI website. According to research, the flexibility of everyone’s body can vary depending on gender, physical ability, age, and training. Research conducted on people of different ages found that people who exercised regularly in the right way saw an increase in their body flexibility. According to research, training in crunches exercise can increase flexibility.

  1. Benefits of doing crunches exercise to lose weight

Crunches exercise not only helps in reducing weight, but if included in your daily routine, it can also be helpful in controlling body fat. Research has found that crunches exercise strengthen muscles, which can help reduce excess fat.

After the benefits of crunches exercise, know about the right ways to do crunches exercise.

Wonderful Benefits of Crunches
Benefits of Crunches

Ways to do Crunches Exercise

You already know the benefits of crunches exercises. Now here we are telling how to do the types of crunches exercise mentioned above:

  1. Basic Crunch:
  • First of all, lie down on your back and spread your legs on the floor.
  • After this, bend the knees and keep the hands on the chest by bending your elbows.
  • Now while exhaling, raise the head and chest.
  • Then while breathing comes back to the previous position. You can do this several times in a row.
  1. Reverse Crunch
  • Lie on your back on the mat and keep both your arms straight by the side of the body.
  • After this, bend both your knees to a 90-degree angle.
  • Then while exhaling, raise the knees and hips. Try that the knees should touch the chest.
  • Then while inhaling, come back down, but do not keep the feet on the ground. In this way, you can continuously move the hips and knees up and down for some time.
  1. Vertical Leg Crunch
  • First of all, lie down on your back on the mat.
  • Bend your hands and bring them behind your neck.
  • Now keeping both your legs straight, lift them upwards. In this case, the shape of the body will be like an L shape.
  • After this, while exhaling, try to raise the upper part of the body as high as possible.
  • Try to hold yourself in this position for a minute or two.
  • Now while inhaling come back down and repeat this process again.
  1. Long Arm Crunches
  • Lie on the back on the ground and take both hands straight behind the head. The arms should be close to the ears hold both the hands and make fists.
  • Now bend your knees up to 40 degrees and while exhaling try to lift your chest and both hands.
  • Stay in this position for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • After this, breathing comfortably, come back to your position.
  1. Bicycle Crunch
  • Lie on the mat on the back, keeping the fingers of both hands behind the head, keeping the fingers together, and raising both the legs slightly.
  • After this, bend the right leg from the knee, and while raising the head, try to touch the right knee with the left elbow while turning it to the left. Keep in mind that your hands remain connected and the left leg remains straight.
  • After this, straighten the right leg and bring the head down as well. After this, bend the left leg from the knee and try to touch the left knee with the right elbow.
  • You can do this several times in a row.
  1. Double Crunches
  • Lie flat on the ground with your back straight.
  • Now take both the hands behind your head bend both knees slightly and bring them near the chest.
  • Simultaneously while exhaling, raise your head upwards.
  • You can do this 12 times in 3 sets.

It is also important to take some precautions while doing crunches exercise. In this part of the article, we will talk about those precautions.

Precautions for Crunches Exercise –

Some precautions related to crunches exercise are as follows:

  • Take support to do crunches exercise in the beginning, otherwise, there is a risk of injury.
  • One should start slowly.
  • Crunches exercise done incorrectly can have a negative effect on the back and neck. Therefore, first know the right way and then do it.
  • You can also take the help of a trainer to learn the crunch.

Can crunches exercise also have side effects? Come let’s know about this.

Side Effects of Doing Crunches Exercise

If not done properly, damage can happen. Here we are talking about the side effects of doing crunches exercise.

  • Doing crunches exercise incorrectly can cause strain on the back.
  • There may be an increased risk of a groin injury.
  • It can cause muscle pain, swelling, bruising, stiffness, or abdominal pain if done incorrectly.
  • Taking it after meals can cause severe stomach pain as well as vomiting.
  • Over-emphasis on crunches exercise can lead to muscle stiffness as well as neck pain and sprains.

If you want to have six-pack abs, then this article written on crunches exercise can be very beneficial for you. In this article, you learned about the crunches benefits and methods of doing crunches exercise. If you are going to start this exercise, then it is better to do it only after asking a trainer or consultant, because whatever the exercise is, it is beneficial to do it with care and complete information.