How to make cranberry juice…


Cranberry juice can also be made at home, know how it is made.

Cranberry juice recipe

Necessary ingredients:

Let’s know how to make cranberry juice

  • To make it take a pan and add water to it. Then add cranberries to it as well.
  • Put it to heat on the gas. Let it heat up for about 10 minutes.
  • After heating, sieve it with the help of sieve. If you press it in the sieve, So more juice will come out of it.
  • Take out the juice in a vessel. This juice will look like a beige color to you.
  • Now add water to a pan and put cranberries to it and keep it on medium flame on the gas to boil.
  • Now cover the pan and let it boil for ten to twelve minutes.
  • Now turn off the gas and filter it with a sieve.
  • Now take out the juice in the pan one more time and add the stevia and mix it well.
  • Now keep it boiling back for three to four minutes.
  • Your juice is ready, now you keep it in the fridge to cool.
  • Now whenever you want to drink it, take it out of the fridge and drink it.

Cranberry Juice Benefits

  • By consuming cranberry juice, sore throat is cured.
  • It also helps in healing ulcers.
  • Cranberry juice also protects the body from common infections.
  • Also reduces the problem of stones.

Cranberry juice is beneficial for eliminating urine infection as well as cranberry also acts as a good antibiotic. Although there is no harm to anyone by consuming cranberry, but pregnant women should not consume it. Also, if you are consuming it for the first time and you have any problem after drinking it or feel a little bit allergic then you should not consume cranberry.