Corona Pandemic: Worldwide Deaths Over 87,825

Corona Pandemic

More than 1,499,641 patients infected with corona virus in the world, The death toll also increased.

Worldwide, the number of patients suffering from corona has crossed 1,499,641. In the US alone, there are more than 422.51 million patients infected with the coronavirus. At the same time, the worldwide death toll from this pandemic has exceeded 87,825. The largest death toll is in Italy, where more than 17,669 people have lost their lives.

Corona Pandemic: Worldwide Deaths Exceeded 87,825

New 1,970 deaths in America from Corona

Corona virus positive cases have reached 422.51 million in the US. At the same time, 1,970 deaths have been recorded in America in 24 hours due to Corona virus.

More than 1,499,641 people infected

The corona virus is spreading fast in the world. So far, more than 1,499,641 people have come under the grip of Corona virus. So far 1,499,641 people have been infected due to Corona virus. At the same time, 87,825 people have also died due to Coronavirus in the world.

6,159 deaths in the UK so far.

The number of people who died of coronavirus in the UK has risen to 6,159. At the same time, 87,825 people have lost their lives to the corona virus across the world.

Death toll in Spain crosses 14,045

The death toll from Corona virus in Spain has crossed 14,045. In the last 24 hours, 950 people have died here. So far, 14,045 people have died here.

Number of patients crossed 1,499,641.

The number of corona patients in the world has crossed 1,499,641. At the same time, 87,825 people have died. Most people have died in Italy. More than 17,127 people have lost their lives here.

More than 938 deaths a day in Britain

In the UK, more than 938 people died in one day from the corona virus for the first time. According to the Ministry of Health, 938 people died due to infection in Britain on Wednesday, with the total number of deaths in the country has reached 7,097. The ministry said that a total of 60,733 people in the country are infected with the Coronavirus and 5,491 cases have been reported in a day.

Corona Pandemic: Worldwide Deaths Over 87,825

Number of infected in Pakistan crosses 4,000

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus in Pakistan reached 4,196 on Wednesday. 748 people have been reported to be infected with the corona virus from Punjab province. At the same time, 709 cases have been reported in Sindh, 253 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 158 in Balochistan, 184 in Gilgit Baltistan, 54 in Islamabad and 6 in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. So far, 60 people have died due to corona virus. To deal with this challenge, a package of 1,200 billion Pakistani rupees has been announced.

1,970 death in 48 hours in America

The threat of Corona on America has broken into havoc. Here 1,970 people have died in the last 48 hours. At the same time, more than 400,335 people are infected. On Tuesday, 1,749 people died. Its deaths on Wednesday broke all the records so far. There were 1,970 deaths in the US on Wednesday. The death toll in the US has risen to 12,841.

Corona Pandemic – More than 5000 people died in a day –

The worldwide death toll on Wednesday was 82,034, which has increased to 87,825 on Thursday.

  • Italy – 17,669
  • Spain – 14,673
  • America – 14,473
  • France – 10,869
  • China – 3,333
  • Iran – 3,993
  • UK – 7,097
  • Netherland – 2,248
  • Germany – 2,196
  • Belgium – 2,240
  • Switzerland – 895
  • Turkey – 812
  • Brazil – 800
  • Sweden – 687
  • Portugal – 380
  • South Korea – 200
  • Indonesia – 240
  • Austria – 273
  • Denmark – 218

Countries with more than 50 thousand infections –

  • America – 446,205
  • Italy – 139,422
  • Spain – 146,690
  • China – 81,802
  • Germany – 111,779
  • France – 112,950

Over 5,000 patients in India –

So far 87,870 people have died in the whole world due to Corona virus. At the same time, 1,524,844 people are infected. Even after a complete lockdown in India, the corona pandemic is spreading fast. The death toll has reached 178 and 5,916 people are infected.