Contraceptive pills side effects…

Eating contraceptive pills can be very dangerous for the brain. Recent research suggests that these medicines reduce the size of women’s brain and can cause depression and stress. Learn all contraceptive pills side effects.To prevent pregnancy from occurring and to get rid of unwanted pregnancies many times, women consume contraceptive pills. But do you know that eating contraception pills could be dangerous for your brain. According to the World Health Organization statistics, more than 100 million women consume daily contraceptive pills. But a recent research suggests that continuously consuming these medicines causes your brain to become smaller.

Let’s know all contraceptive pills side effects

Irritability arises in the temperament

This research has been done at the University of California, Los Angeles. In this research 90 women were involved, who were constantly consuming pills of contraception. Research has found that the most negative effect of these medicines has been shown on the two parts of the brain. These two parts help in controlling emotions in the person. This means that women who use contraceptive medicines for long periods, there is a possibility of irritability and acrimony in their nature.

Danger of depression by using high use

Apart from this, in another research, it has been found that using excessive contraceptive medicines increases the process of blood clotting, which can be dangerous at times. Due to this, symptoms such as depression and stress have increased in women many times. Depression is a serious mental problem.

Emergency contraceptive pills and more dangerous

In addition to long-term contraceptive medicines, emergency contraceptive pills are also available in the market, which can possibility of pregnancy decreases by eating within 48-72 hours of unsafe sex. Assuming the statistics, it is used by women of 18-30 years of age too much. Research shows that these medicines are 6 times more dangerous than those consumed daily.

Women can have infertility

With the consumption of emergency contraceptive pills there are many types of hormonal changes in the body of the woman. In addition, these drugs are not considered completely safe. Infertility can also be done in women with excessive intake. Apart from this, the risk of uterine cancer and intestinal cancer also increases very much. The easiest and safest way to prevent pregnancy is by using condom.

Contraceptive pills side effects, Do not use it as much as you can and to avoid contraceptive pills use condoms.