Health benefits of cinnamon…


Let us tell you amazing health benefits of cinnamon after that you will know why you should use cinnamon

The smaller the cinnamon plant, the bigger it is in quality, it can give relief from many dangerous diseases. It is also considered to be an blood purifier, know about its properties in this slideshow.

11 Powerful health benefits of cinnamon

1. Cinnamon is very beneficial

The smaller the cinnamon’s plant, its properties are as big. Dry leaves of cinnamon, and bark are used as spices. Its bark is slightly thick, smooth and light brown. Cinnamon reduces obesity and also removes many diseases. It’s also a blood purifier. By eating honey and cinnamon mixed together is beneficial for heart diseases, cholesterol, skin diseases, cold and cough, stomach diseases.

2. For cold and cough

Cinnamon should be used in case of cold and cough. Mixing a little cinnamon powder in a spoonful of honey, taking it twice a day provides relief in cough and cold. In light hot water, mixing a pinch of cinnamon powder and a pinch of ground black pepper in mixed with honey removes cold and sore throat. Mixing its powder with water and making a paste, applying it on the forehead, relieves headaches caused by cold air.

3. For joint pain

Use cinnamon to reduce joint pain. Mixing cinnamon powder and a little honey in lukewarm water and applying it on the body’s painful part, massaging with light hands is beneficial. Mixing one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in one cup of lukewarm water drinking also gives relief in joint pain.

4. Beneficial in skin diseases

In case of skin problem cinnamon is also very beneficial. If there is itching in the skin, make an paste by taking an equal amount of cinnamon powder and honey. Applying this paste removes this skin problem. Mixing a little lemon juice in cinnamon powder and applying it on the face removes acne-pimples.

5. Stomach problems

Using cinnamon provides relief in stomach problems like indigestion. Apart from this, using cinnamon provides relief in vomiting and diarrhea. Taking a teaspoon of honey mixed with a little cinnamon powder, relieves stomach ache and acidity, and the food is digested easily and there is no stomach problem.

6. For obesity

Obese people should also use cinnamon. In the tea, mixing a teaspoon of cinnamon powder boil in a glass of water, then take off down and mix two tablespoons of honey in it and drink it in the morning about half an hour before breakfast. Do this before sleeping at night. By doing this regularly the unnecessary fat of the body ends and even after eating high calorie food, the body fat does not increase and the weight decreases.

7. For heart patients

Making a paste of honey and cinnamon powder eating it with bread will not accumulate cholesterol in the arteries and reduce the chance of heart attack. Those who have already suffered a heart attack, if they do this treatment, they will be able to reduce the chance of heart attack in future.

8. Increased cholesterol

Use cinnamon to reduce the increased cholesterol. Take two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder mixed with slightly heated half liter water and take it. By this, blood cholesterol levels fall below 10% in just 2 hours, and by taking it three times in the day, increased cholesterol decreases.

9. Also beneficial in cancer

Cinnamon is also beneficial for fatal diseases such as cancer. Scientists in Japan and Australia have found that the increased condition of stomach and bone cancer can be completely controlled by using cinnamon and honey. Cancer patients get relief by taking one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with warm water for a month.

10. For other diseases

Mixing a little cinnamon powder in a spoonful of honey and rubbing it regularly on the teeth provides relief in toothache. When you are stressed, take a little powder mixed with honey and get relief, and the memory power also increases. It is also very beneficial in asthma and paralysis.

11. Remove deafness

Mixing equal quantity of honey and cinnamon powder, taking one spoon each morning and night increases hearing power. If there is less hearing from ear, putting a few drops of cinnamon oil in the ear provides relief.

These are all 11 marvelous health benefits of cinnamon, By using cinnamon you can make health good and avoid many diseases.