Chronic fatigue syndrome…


Many times fatigue and lethargy may be due to more work and stress, but if you feel like this continuously and with this you are feeling the pain in the head, then this can be symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Yes, for more than 6 months, if you are suffering from this problem then you may be in the grip of Chronic fatigue syndrome. Know the cause and symptoms –

There may be some specific reasons for chronic fatigue syndrome such as:

Immunity decrease – If your immune system is weak, so you can be gripped by this problem immediately.

Hormonal imbalance – Hormones do not have to be formed by body glands. Or then the imbalance of the hormones, sometimes causing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Viral Infection – Bacteria and viruses spreading viral infections can cause chronic fatigue syndrome. This is the reason that after several viral infections, You get fatigue for a long time.

Symptoms –

  • Staying fatigue and causing headaches due to fatigue.
  • Persistent pain in the muscles.
  • Feeling sick for more than 24 hours in spite of less physical hard work.
  • Pain in joints
  • Sore throat
  • Not sleeping, and laziness after sleeping.
  • Decrease in remembrance