Carefulness about money it is important for working couples

In today’s time, working couples talks about their money, investment and expenditure before marriage, but money management is not so easy for many couples. It is necessary to maintain complete honesty and transparency in terms of money, which relies on mutual relationships, economic status and other life-conditions. Whether you invest your money separately or jointly, A little intelligently both relationships and finances can be handled well.

Working couples mine or yours

Some couples put their entire money in the joint account, some keep aside their budget, accounts and investments. This is a subject of personal choice and mutual understanding. Apart from these two path there is a third path, Which first balances both paths. For this to be set targets and to invest on the same basis.

Working couples our money

Know what this is the third or middle path. When there are many responsibilities, create a joint account so that the bills can be filled up, but some expenses are personal, Then you can keep a separate account for him. This will facilitate budgeting and personal freedom or privacy will also be maintained. Do the sharing of responsibilities like this-

First decide which bills will be filled from the Joint Account

Pattern of your and partner expenses, keep an eye on habits and behavior. Also keep in mind that the other’s investment and expense is acceptable to you. The same thing will decide how you will build relationships about money between the two in the future. Initially, decide how much money will be deposited in a joint account every month. It also depends on the monthly income of the couple that it will be equivalent to the amount or less or more depending on the income.

When the partner is expensive

Many times in the couple someone is expensive. As long as the conditions remain good, their money management is fine, but as soon as there is a fluctuation in the financial situation of the family or there is trouble in somebody’s job, there is tension in relationships over money and expenditure. It is therefore necessary to keep an emergency account and keep it for the opposite position. If the situation is seen out of control then the relationship counselor or financial adviser can get help.

The financial condition is not always the same. If there is any problem in the family then concentrate on the family’s priorities instead of yourself, only then will be able to counter the opposite conditions.

If you have taken a joint loan then its repayment will also have to be done together. If for some reason the partner can not afford it or deposit the installment, one has to do it. So if you are not fully satisfied with your relationship and financial situation, avoid taking a joint loan.

Consider every aspect before opening a joint account. Instead of joining an account that is already running, open a new account, join it, and each month both partners deposit some money in it. Run this arrangement for a while, if it is able to move, then only proceed. Once made sense, you can increase your contribution.