Breast self examination


Breast self examination is important

Breasts have important role in the beauty of women. Estrogen hormone breasts develop in women. Changing the normal process of breasts into abnormal process is a sign of disease. This problem can happen to any woman. Breast disorders do not necessarily require you to go straight to the doctor, you can also your breast self examination.

Due to breasts check

An important reason for breast examination is breast cancer. Which has become a common problem of nowadays women. If breast cancer is detected in the early stages, then treatment at the right time can be possible and your life can be saved. Let us tell you how to check breast cancer itself.

When to check breasts

Self-probe of breasts must be done once in the month between the seventh and the tenth day after the start of menstruation. But if the period of your menstrual period is not too long, then one day of each month determine for breast examination by yourself.

How to check breasts

While breast self examination, keep in mind that you are investigating the breasts not to look for cancer or cyst but to see changes in your breasts. Well there are several ways to examine the breasts themselves. But it is very important for you to know that which method may be best for you.

Standing in front of the mirror

Stand in front of the mirror and lower your hands. Now notice that there is no difference in the size of both breasts, there are no potholes  on the breasts, Apart from this also see there is no sort of secretion in the nipple. Or there is no difference in the size, texture, and roundness of nipple. Repeat this process even by taking both hands up.

Examine breasts directly by lying down

Feel the change in your breasts when lying downright. Lie down on the back. Put the pillow under the left shoulder. Keep the left hand under the head and, check the lumps by pressing the breasts with light pressure of the palm of the hand directly.

Check the outer part of the breast

Check the breast on the outside side of the breast. i.e. the side of the breast. By placing the left arm down, from the flat part of the fingers, press the left side to check. Similarly, repeat this process from the right side and check the breast. Repeat the above probe on the seventh day of menstruation every month.

For the first time problem in the check

When examining your breasts for the first time it may be a little harder to find out. But after repeated practice you will learn about your breasts. Ask your nurse or doctor to help you know about your feelings during your breast examinations because they only check your breasts.

Check by the doctor

Apart from this having your breasts checked by your doctor It is very important. If you are aged 20-30 years then do your doctor check your breast every 3 years and if you are over 40 years of age, then check for each year.

Experience of change

Any changes in your breast such as soft lump, rigid lump or fatness in the breast, change in shape or texture of breast, pits or contraction in the skin, any changes in nipple or contact your doctor immediately when water arrives. Apart from this, if any one of your closest relatives like nanny, mother or sister has had breast cancer, then definitely tell your doctor.