Types of boobs…


Women’s body is different on the basis of texture. Women’s breasts are larger in comparison to men, they are heavier in weight, as well as produce milk for breast feeding. Breasts are also considered to be the most attractive part of women’s body. Every woman wants that her breasts have high bulge, men are also attracted towards women by looking at larger size of breasts.

Know about the female different 9 types of boobs and size

Many women have felt that their breast does not look like other women’s breasts. In addition to the size of the breasts, the type of breasts also determines the shape of the breasts. Do you know that breasts are also of different types? In this article we are going to tell you in detail how many types of breasts are and how you can show them better. Let us know how many types of boobs are.

1. Asymmetric shape boobs

Symmetric means to be very similar in size, So you can understand that the size of asymmetric breasts is not the same. These are not the same as each other in size, Rather, the size of one breast is bigger than the another breast. Although you do not need a special bra for this, but a padded bra is a better option for this.

2. Athletic shape breasts

The size of these breasts is wide. In these, tissues are less and the muscles are more. Wireless bra looks better on these but try that their bands are thick. This bra supports breasts.

3. East west shape boobs

Women who have breasts nipple don’t be in front they are, pointed in the opposite direction of each other. So understand that your breasts type is of East and West variety. In this case, the distance between the two breasts is slightly higher and they are at a distance from the middle of the breastplate. In this case, you can wear a T-shirt bra, which is useful for bringing your breasts properly together.

4. Relaxed shape breasts

The tissues of this type of breasts are loose and are tilted downwards. In this case, you can wear classical T-shirt bra.

5. Bell shape boobs

Their shape looks like a bell in appearance, Therefore it is also called bell shape. These are similar to cylindrical shapes, but only their size is bigger. In this case you can wear supportive bra who support your breasts.

6. Slender shape breasts

The breast size of this shape is slightly thinner above the top and the bottom is absolutely full size. Generally these breasts are heavier from bottom and are light on top. Such breast is more in length and width is less. Their cup size is low, so it’s more beneficial to wear wireless bras. You can also wear plunge bra, which makes the shape look beautiful.

7. Side set shape boobs

If there is more distance between your breasts, but nipples are point in slightly side rather than at the front, then your breasts have a side set shape. These are of slightly larger size, wearing plunge bra gives better shape to your breasts.

8. Round shape breasts

If the size of your breasts is the same from the top and bottom and the nipple is at the front, then your breasts can be considered as round shapes. Round breasts are in the shape of a whole circle, and in such cases your breasts do not need bra support. Women with such breasts can wear ordinary bras, they do not need to wear padded bra and wired bra.

9. Tear drop shape boobs

Tear drop breast is also round shape, but in round boobs like nipple are slightly tilted rather than being tight. Their size looks like a drop of tears. This is considered to be a normal shape of breasts, and any kind of bra can be worn on the breasts of this shape.

These are all 9 types of boobs. You can make it even more attractive by knowing the type of your breasts.