How to remove body odor ..

Let's know how to remove body odor

Do you know how to remove body odor?

So in this article of My Health Only, we are going to tell the how to remove body odor.

Tips for Reducing Body Odor

In the summer, sweaty body makes everyone bothers. But by adopting some small methods, the fragrance of the body can be preserved.

1- Antibiotic soap:

Regular morning and evening bathing is the easiest and refreshing way to remove body odor. The use of any antibacterial soaps can prevent micro-organisms from encroaching on the body.

2- Focus on cleanliness:

The structure of our body is such that the most sweat comes in the armpits. Clean the hair of the armpit and pay special attention to the cleanliness of these organs during bathing. Cotton clothes are the best: Cotton indigenous loose-fitting clothes have developed according to the climate of the country. It can easily absorb moisture. Silk and synthetic tight dresses are not meant for this hot season.

Let's know how to remove body odor

3- Cotton socks and open shoes & slippers:

Sweating is more on the feet. That’s why wearing cotton socks instead of nylon. Where there is no dress code, wear a footwear like sandals and slippers. Do not leave the feet wet: Dry the feet well after bathing. There is a fear of fungal growth due to moisture between the toes. If there is excessive sweating in the feet, apply powder between the fingers.

4- Use deodorant:

To remove body odor, use antiperspirant and deodorant. Get the infection treated in a timely manner: Infections occur easily on moist skin. If hygiene is ignored, the body is heavy or diabetic, then there is an increased chance of skin infection. Treat the infection properly as soon as you see the first signs of infection.