Benefits of Bleaching

Benefits Of Bleaching

Everyone wishes to look beautiful. For this, people use all kinds of products on their faces. One of these is bleach. Yes, often beauticians in beauty parlors and salons also recommend getting skin bleached. Read this article to understand whether bleaching really has benefits or does it harm the face. This article of My Health Only will make you aware of the benefits of bleach as well as the side effects of bleaching.

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Now let us discuss the benefits of bleaching.

Wonderful Health Benefits of Bleaching

Beauty experts believe that applying bleach to the skin can have many benefits. For this reason, we are telling here the benefits of bleaching based on the claims of the beautician. Just note that bleach should not be used excessively, otherwise serious damage can be done to the face.

  1. For Sun Tan

Bleach is used to remove tanning of the skin. Its use is claimed to reduce the tanning of the skin to a great extent. Research also suggests that bleach is a chemical known for its lightening and whitening effects. On this basis, it can be said that bleaching can be helpful in reducing suntan. Just note that excessive use of it also damages the skin, so use it in a limited quantity.

  1. Glowing Skin

It is believed that bleach can also help in bringing a glow to the skin. Beauticians claim that after bleaching, the face gets freshness and a different glow. Also, bleaching can also make the skin tone better than before. The reason for this is believed to be inhibiting the production of melanin (skin darkening pigment) present in bleaching creams.

  1. Reduce Stains

Bleach can be a quick way to lighten dark acne spots on the face. In fact, bleach can help lighten spots by reducing melanin production. Just do not use it too much, otherwise, bleach may have side effects instead of benefits.

  1. Hide Facial Hair

Due to the fine hair of the face, the skin tone appears darker. In such a situation, the color of facial hair is made golden or skin tone by applying bleach on the skin. Due to this, the hair on the face is not visible much and the complexion of the skin starts to look like an essence. For this reason, bleach is considered a good and easy way to hide hair.

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After the benefits of bleaching, know the ways to use it.

Bleaching Benefits
Benefits Of Bleaching

Method and ways of bleaching

Bleach may be used to improve the complexion of the face, but it is important to pay attention while doing it. We have already mentioned above that it is a kind of chemical. In such a situation, if its quantity becomes more, then its negative results can be seen on the face. For this reason, next, we are telling how to use bleach on the face.

  • Before using bleach, clean your face with a good face wash.
  • Now after drying the face, open the bleach pack.
  • Note that the bleach packet contains two sachets and two cans. Out of this, there is a pack of pre-cream and a post-cream. There will also be a cream box and an activator box.
  • Take the cream from the pouch of pre cream from the packet, apply it to the face and massage it with light hands for a minute.
  • Some packets do not come with pre-cream, so you can skip this step according to that pack.
  • Now take out 2-3 spoons of bleach from the spoon present in the packet in a small bowl according to your face. After this, mix a pinch of activator in it well.
  • Apply the bleach on your face and neck with the help of the applicator provided in the pack. It can also be applied with a brush or your fingers.
  • Now leave the bleach on the face for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then wipe the face with the help of light wet cloth or soft tissue and wash the face with cold water.

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After the method of bleaching, now let’s take a look at its side effects.

Side Effects of Bleaching

Apart from the benefits on the skin, applying bleach can also have some side effects. This damage can occur with excessive and frequent use of bleach. Some of the side effects of excessive bleach are as follows.

  • Some people may feel a slight burning sensation after applying bleach to the skin.
  • Using it on the face of sensitive people can make the skin red.
  • Excessive use of bleach can lead to thinning of the top layer of skin.
  • Its excessive use can increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • Bleach can cause problems like swelling for some people.
  • Excessive use of bleach on the skin can cause cataract problems.
  • There may also be complaints of dark spots and acne on the skin.
  • If it goes inside the mouth while applying bleach on the face, then there can be problems like thyroid, leukemia (cancer of the blood), liver damage, and hemolytic anemia.
  • Some people feel a slight tingling and burning in the eyes while applying bleach to the face. It can also cause redness in the eyes of sensitive people.

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Let us discuss the precautions to be taken while bleaching.

What to do and precautions before and after bleaching

In the article below, we are telling what to do before and after bleaching. Apart from this, what precautions should be taken before applying it to the skin, we will also discuss.

Before Bleaching:

  • Choose ammonia-free bleach.
  • While buying bleach from the market, choose the bleach according to your skin. For example, buy bleach according to the type of skin oily, dry.
  • First, do a patch test of bleach. If there is no problem of any kind, then only use it on the face.
  • Follow the directions given in the pack when applying bleach.
  • Pre cream is given in the pack of bleach, so apply it well after washing the face.

After Bleaching:

  • After applying the bleach for 15 minutes, wipe the face with tissue paper or a lightly dampened cotton cloth.
  • After that clean the face with cold water.
  • Then definitely apply the post bleach cream given in the bleach pack.


  • Do not use bleach if you have acne on your face. This can cause irritation on the face.
  • Do not use bleach more than once a month.
  • Do not mix the activator too much, otherwise, it may cause irritation on the face.
  • Do not wash the face with hot water after applying bleach on the face.
  • Keeping bleach on the skin for a long time can have harmful effects on the skin.
  • After applying bleach, it is generally said not to apply anything on the face. In this case, bleach can be used at night.

It is believed that apart from making facial hair golden, the use of bleach also gives a glow to the skin. For this reason, people get ready for the wedding party by putting it in a hurry. Just note that bleaching has benefits as well as side effects of bleaching. In such a situation, it would be better not to use bleach much. Whenever there is a need, instead of applying it yourself at home, take the help of a beautician.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Is bleaching good for the face?

No, based on the research, bleaching is not good for the skin.

Can bleach harm your skin?

Yes, bleach can cause skin problems like acne, rash, and swelling. Other side effects are also explained in detail in the above article.