Great Benefits of Bitter Melon..


Do you know the amazing benefits of bitter melon?

You will be unaware of these surprising bitter melon benefits

Let us tell you incredible benefits of bitter melon after that you will know why you should consume bitter melon..

The treasure of good health is hidden in bitter melon juice, Know the benefits and the way to make

Bitter melon may be bitter in taste, but it has many benefits for health. This not only makes the skin shiny but also keeps blood sugar under control. Know here the benefits and How to make juice:

Very few people like bitter melon. The reason is bitter taste of bitter melon . But it is not said that the medicine is bitter. In the same way, bitter melon also works as a medicine for health. Especially its juice helps in curing many diseases. Moreover, it is also effective in weight loss.

Bitter melon juice is beneficial for health and skin, let’s know:

9 Wonderful Benefits of Bitter Melon, You must to know


According to a study, bitter melon juice helps in reducing obesity. It activates insulin so that the sugar produced in the body does not take the form of fat. This helps to reduce fat and control fat. Apart from this, bitter gourd has very low calories, which keeps the calories under control and does not increase weight.


Bitter melon juice also helps in controlling blood sugar. It has two compounds called meperidine and charantin which control blood sugar. Drinking bitter melon juice on an empty stomach can help a lot in diabetes.


Bitter melon juice is also helpful in removing kidney stones. Apart from this, it also helps in skin diseases, vomiting, diarrhea, gas problem, jaundice, arthritis and mouth ulcers.


Bitter melon juice is also considered beneficial for the eyes. It contains beta-carotene which keeps away diseases related to the eyes and also helps in increasing illumination.


If there is a digestive problem, bitter melon juice also helps. It also helps in brain development and keeps it healthy.

Benefits of bitter melon juice for skin:


Bitter melon has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that help to cleanse the blood. Because of this, skin problems like acne and pimple also go away.


If you want to beat age, then bitter melon juice is very good. There is a lot of vitamin C in it, which can slow down the speed of your growing age. If you want, you can also eat bitter melon instead of bitter melon juice. For this, boil bitter melon, add lemon juice and salt to it, and you will see the benefit very soon.


Drinking bitter melon juice brings glow to the skin as it contains vitamin A, C and anti-oxidants. It also removes wrinkles.


Skin problems are also avoided by drinking bitter melon juice daily. Bitter melon juice is very beneficial in eczema and psoriasis diseases.

How to make bitter melon juice

To make bitter melon juice take a bitter melon and peel it. Now put salt and lemon on it and keep it in the sun for half an hour. Wash the bitter melon with clean water and grind it with 1 orange and 1 lemon juice in a grinder. Now filter it and apply cumin, black salt and asafoetida on top. Serve with ice.

These are all marvelous benefits of bitter melon, By consuming bitter melon you can make health good and avoid many diseases.