Bitter gourd juice benefits in diabetes, Know how to make bitter gourd juice?


Bitter gourd juice benefits

In the coming years, diabetes is expected to be among the most deadly diseases. Diabetes is a condition that marks high blood sugar. There are several types of diabetes such as type 1, type 2, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes. Lack of awareness and late diagnosis can often lead to diabetes for people. Fluctuation in blood sugar level can cause health conditions such as obesity, kidney failure, and serious heart-related illnesses.

While researchers around the world are working to design mechanisms that can improve diabetes. So far, diabetic patients are advised to take care of their diets and to take prescribed medicines, in order to curb the fluctuation level of sugar level.

Your diet is very closely linked to diabetes management. Diabetes levels can be improved if care is taken in the diet. In diabetes is always advised to consume foods that are high on fiber and are less in the glycemic index. Bitter gourd is one of them. You can include bitter gourd in your diet. You can consume them as a boil or juice. Bitter gourd juice benefits has many and it is considered to be a very effective tonic for managing diabetes.

For the management of diabetes how bitter gourd juice benefits

Bitter gourd juice is quite beneficial and it is an excellent beverage for diabetics. Bitter gourd helps regulate blood sugar levels in your body. According to experts, bitter gourd juice makes your insulin active. When your insulin is activated, your sugar is adequately used and does not convert to fat. Which will ultimately help in weight loss.

According to studies, bitter gourd have some active substances with anti-diabetic properties, one of them is carnitine, which is effective in reducing blood sugar. Bitter gourd contains an insulin-like compound called polypeptide-P or P-insulin which is naturally in order to control diabetes. These substances either work individually or help reduce blood glucose levels.

How to make bitter gourd juice?

1. Peel bitter gourd with the help of knife.

2. Cut bitter gourd from the middle with a knife.

3. Once after cutting, away the white part between it and throw it. Now cut them into small pieces and soak them in cold water for about 30 minutes.

4. Put bitter gourd pieces into a juicer and pour half a teaspoon of salt and lemon juice. After that, prepare its juice.

5. After preparing juice in juicer, filter it with the cloth. Remove and drink it in glass. You can drink it 2 to 3 days a week. If you have any kind of side effects, consult a doctor.