Benefits of bitter gourd…


Let us tell you wonderful benefits of bitter gourd after that you will know why you should eat bitter gourd

Bitter gourd attracts among green vegetables, May seem bitter in taste, but the benefits from it are definitely sweet. Do you know, about these benefits to health from bitter gourd? If you don’t know, then read these unique benefits of bitter gourd


Phosphorus is found in sufficient quantities in bitter gourd. It removes cough, constipation and digestive problems. By eating it, food digestion is done properly, and hunger is also good.


Bitter gourd is extremely beneficial when it comes to asthma complication. By eating without spicy bitter gourd vegetable in asthma, it gets the benefit.


It is good to consume bitter gourd juice when it becomes gas and indigestion in the stomach, By which, this disease is removed for a long time.


Drinking juice of bitter gourd strengthens the liver and eliminates all the problems of the liver. By consuming it every day, results are started in one week. It also benefits in jaundice.


By boiling bitter gourd leaves or fruit in water, it increases the immunity, and cured any type of infection.


After getting vomiting, diarrhea or cholera, add black salt in the juice of bitter gourd and get relief immediately. Even after having a problem of ascites, drinking two teaspoons of bitter gourd juice is mixed with water and it benefits.


Bitter gourd is also very effective remedy in paralysis. In it, eating raw bitter gourds is beneficial for the patient.


Bitter gourd is also like nectar to clean the blood. It is considered very effective in diabetes. In diabetes, bitter gourd juice of one quarter cup and the same amount of carrot juice, it provides relief on drinking.


Bitter gourd is very beneficial in bloody piles. Mix half teaspoon of sugar in one spoon bitter gourd juice and drink it, it relaxes in it.


Massage of bitter gourd juice is beneficial for rheumatism and burning in hands and feet.


In kidney problems, bitter gourd boiled water and bitter gourd juice are both very beneficial. It activates the kidneys and helps to remove harmful elements from the body.


Bitter gourd is a better treatment for heart related problems. It does not allow harmful fat to accumulate in the arteries of the heart, so that blood circulation remains organized, and there is no possibility of heart attack.


Apply lemon juice with bitter gourd juice on the face, acne gets cured and there are no skin diseases.


Consumption of bitter gourd juice is very beneficial for fighting cancer.

These are all impressive benefits of bitter gourd, By eating bitter gourd you can make health good and avoid many diseases.