What is Bikini Wax

What is Bikini Wax

Do you know the What is Bikini Wax, Types of Bikini Wax, How to do?

You will be unaware of these, What is Bikini Wax, Types of Bikini Wax, How to do

Let’s Know What is Bikini Wax, Types of Bikini Wax, How to do

Bikini wax is one of the things most girls still feel hesitant about talking about. But at the same time, they are eager to know about it. Bikini wax is still not as common as it should have been. Actually, the skin of bikini area is more sensitive than the rest of the body and the hair is also thicker and thicker. Taking care of personal hygiene, cleaning of this area is very important. This cleanliness not only prevents the mess from accumulating in that area, but also keeps the infection away. The hair in this area is also called pubic hair. Keeping them clean is completely normal and there is no harm. There are many aspects of bikini wax that are very important to know and pay attention to. We are telling you the things related to the removal of pubic hair that you need to know.

So in this article of My Health Only, we are going to tell the What is Bikini Wax, Types of Bikini Wax, How to do.

What is Bikini Wax? –

Bikini wax works to remove or clean your private area hair. By waxing the pubic hair is cleaned from the root, due to which new hair starts coming out after about 2 to 3 months. If you are a swimmer and wear a swim suit or prefer a bikini in the middle, then periodically cleaning the pubic area becomes even more important. However, most girls pay attention to this only when they are about to get married. She removes pubic hair before marriage just to make her partner happy, which has nothing to do with cleanliness. While, like the rest of the body, pubic hair is also necessary to be cleaned periodically. This keeps you away from any kind of infection and itching. For this, wax is applied to the hair of this area and removed with the help of a strip. And for this you can use any type of wax – hot, cold or normal wax.

However bikini wax is not the only way to remove pubic hair. There are other ways to remove them. Such as shaving, razor, hair removal cream, laser hair removal etc. Given the sensitivity of the skin here, it is better to get a patch test done first. This gives advance information about any kind of allergies and find out which option to clean the pubic hair suits your skin. If you are going to get bikini wax for the first time, then it is better to trim before.

Types of Bikini Wax –

There are many types of waxing available for pubic hair. It also depends on you and your personal choice how much area you want to shave or get done. Here we are telling you about some such styles of bikini wax.

1 – Remove side hair

In such waxes the hair around the panty line is clean. This is the area above the thigh and mostly used for swimming girls. It has the advantage that your hair is not visible on wearing a swim suit and you can enjoy your swimming without any worry.

2 – Full Bikini Wax

All pubic hair is removed in this style. They also do not appear after wearing panties. This makes the skin of your private area completely clear and smooth. It is a good choice for girls who like cleanliness.

3 – Mini Triangle

If you feel hesitant to remove the entire hair, then you can adopt such style. In this, the surrounding hair is cleaned by making a small triangle of hair on the pubic bone. By the way, it proves to be a good style to attract a partner.

How to do bikini wax –

  • 1- If you are going to do bikini wax for the first time, do not try to do it yourself. It would be better if you go to a good parlor and get bikini wax for the first time. Because this is a very sensitive area and we do not want any serious accident.
  • 2- If you workout, do it before getting bikini waxed, do not do it after that because if there is sweat in that area and there is no hair to absorb it, then that area may get irritated.
  • 3- If you are planning to roam around the beach wearing a bikini, then clean the pubic hair at least 3 days in advance. On removing hair on the same day, due to direct rays of the sun, you may have problems of irritation and rashes.
  • 4- Keep a gap of at least 1 or 2 months between the waxing sessions, so that your hair is so long as to be waxed. Before waxing, keep in mind that the hair in this area is neither too short nor too big. If your hair is too short then this process will be very slow, due to which the hair will have to be removed by applying wax again and again and it will also be more painful.
  • 6- With waxing, it is very important to take care of the hygiene of that area. If the remaining portion of the melted wax is being used for you in the parlor, So in such a place don’t get waxed. In such a situation, the waxing knife repeatedly touches the body of the first waxed person and drowns in the wax, then the possibility of infection increases.If 2 people are simultaneously waxing from the same wax, avoid it too.
  • 7- Never make bikini wax during period. During this time, the skin of the private area is more sensitive. In such a situation, even remove the idea of bikini wax from your mind.
  • 8- There are two types of wax – soft wax and hard wax. Soft wax requires the help of a waxing strip, applying the wax directly to the hard wax, it becomes a layer itself and then takes it out as a strip. Now you have to decide, in which type of wax you will be more comfortable.
  • 9- Suppose hair removal cream is a painless alternative. But due to its frequent use, the skin of the pubic area becomes black and the hair there also becomes moderately stiff. Also, hair is not clean from the root, so wax is the best option.
  • 10- Do not try to shave between two waxing sessions. Due to the lack of proper hair growth during waxing, waxing will not be done properly.

How to do bikini wax at home –

By the way, bikini wax is better to get done by a good parlor or experienced beautician, because the skin here is more sensitive. Despite this, if you want to do it yourself at home, then you can adopt some methods mentioned here.

  • 1- Apply an antiseptic cleaner or powder on the bikini area before waxing.
  • 2- Now apply wax in the direction of hair growth with the help of a spatula or a sharp knife.
  • 3- Then place the wax strip on the wax and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair while tightening the skin.
  • 4- It is advisable to pull the bandage as soon as possible to keep the pain to a minimum.

What to do after bikini wax –

If you are thinking that your work is finished by just waxing, then you are wrong. Bikini area needs more care after wax than the rest of the body. Know what to do after bikini wax…

  • 1- After removing the pubic hair in the parlor, special cream or oil is massaged so that the skin there is not dry. After waxing at home, you clean the skin with water and apply aloe vera gel or a good moisturizer.
  • 2- In case of mild burning sensation, rubbing ice on the skin. If you want, you can also gently pat a soft cloth soaked in cold water and milk at that place. Contact the doctor in case of excessive irritation.
  • 3- Do not wear tight and excess clothes. Allow the skin to breathe after the wax. Protect this area from heavy workouts and direct sunlight.

Tips to make bikini wax painless –

We have already told you that bikini wax is a painful process. But if you want, you can reduce this pain with some tips.

  • 1- Go for a bikini wax session only after your periods, because during that time the skin is more sensitive, then the pain is more.
  • 2- Try to relax while waxing. If you are more upset then you will feel more pain.
  • 3- Use only hard wax or peel of wax, because it removes hair at once. You may need to apply regular wax more than once, due to which the pain may also be more.
  • 4- If you are afraid that you will feel more pain during waxing, then you can take pen killer one hour before waxing.
  • 5- Take deep breaths during the procedure, exhale while wax is being applied and exhale while hair is being removed.
  • 6- You can watch the video of your choice or listen to music while waxing. This will keep your attention divided and you will feel less pain.
  • 7- When you are lying down for a bikini wax, do not try to get up again and again to see how the beautician is waxing you. In this way, your full attention will remain there and you will feel more pain.
  • 8- After pulling the wax strip fast, the best way is to press the area immediately by hand. If your beautician does not do this, ask her to do it.