Side effects of betel nut…


Let us tell you side effects of betel nut after that you will know why you should not eat betel nut

Betel nut is used in many auspicious works in Indian society. But you may be surprised to know that the World Health Organization has described it as very dangerous for health.

In our country, it is used indiscriminately. You will find these sells at every paan shop.

One of the main things used for making paan is betel nut. Apart from pan-masala, some people also like to eat it with lime. Being very dangerous for health, its use is banned in many countries of the world.

Its use increases the risk of cancer significantly. Doctors believe that it should be removed from pan-masala. Eating betel nut can cause many health problems:

Health related side effects of betel nut

1. Cancer

Many studies have said that the consumption of betel nut greatly increases the risk of cancer. All those elements are mainly found in betel nut which are responsible for cancer. This increases the risk of getting most mouth cancer.

2. Heart diseases

Several studies have found that eating betel nut increases the risk of many diseases related to the heart. In addition, it also increases obesity.

3. Tooth decay

By eating betel nut regularly, the gums become loose and the enamel of the teeth is also affected. If the betel nut is not left in time, then the teeth become red forever and later black.

4. Chemical effect

It may contain many toxic elements. It may be that by reaching into the body and acting with other elements, it secretion some gases and chemical substances which are dangerous for health.

5. Other side effects

By using betel nut every day, it combines like a intoxication. Doctors also instruct not to chew.

These are all side effects of betel nut, Consuming betel nut can cause you many health problems and many fatal diseases.