Benefits of lemongrass…

Lemongrass rich in medicinal properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and vitamin C have the ability to fight against many diseases. It destroys toxic substances from the body and helps to clean the body. Of course these 9 unmatched benefits of lemongrass you must know.

Let us tell you benefits of lemongrass after that you will know why you should consume lemongrass

It is usually grown in northern India. It is mixed with tea and drank it. Lemon Grass is known for its special properties, such as antioxidant, antibacterial tendency. There are also analgesic properties, so it is also beneficial in various types of pain. Lemon grass protects the body, joints, head and muscle pain and also protects from stress. Green tea produced by Lemon Grass has the ability to fight against many diseases. It destroys toxic substances from the body and helps to clean the body. This is an effective medicine for general cough, colds and fatigue. It strengthens the immune system and enables it to cope with stress.

Beneficial in fever, cough and cold

It should be taken with tea because it benefits in fever, cough and cold. It contains abundant amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C, so it balances some basic elements of the body. Both fresh or dry lemon grass can be used. Its stem is like leafy onion. When it is cut into pieces, its sour aroma spreads. Its flavor is like lemon. Instead of lemon grass, its bark can also be used, but its fragrance is not as fresh.

Cancer treatment

Lemongrass has properties to get rid of many diseases, including cancer. It has amazing anti-oxidant properties. Due to which, changes in the nature of molecules responsible for many serious diseases in the human body by bringing changes they are stabilized, but in some cases it also absorbs microbes.

Treatment of stomach related diseases

Due to anti-oxidant properties in Lemongrass, it has the potential to change and inactivate the deadly nature of molecules of various diseases, including fever, stomach disorders and arthritis. It stable the free radicals by storing it in itself. Indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal swelling, flatulence, stomach cramps, vomiting and cramps help to improve digestive problems like this.

In the ADHD problem of children, is also beneficial

According to a 1998 study, children suffering from ADHD do not sleep easily. Herbal teas made from lemongrass for such children are very beneficial. In this present mint, chamomile or lemongrass and other such herbs. It help to calm very active muscles.

Remove anemia

Due to the richness of lemongrass iron, it is very useful for those who suffer from Iron deficiency. Also it is useful in different types of anemia. Iron is necessary to synthesis hemoglobin (protein in the red cells responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body).

Enriched with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties

Due to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, lemongrass can be used as a valuable aid for the treatment of the arthritis, gout. So if you are worried about these problems, then regularly eat lemongrass juice or made of herbal tea.

Sharpen the brain

If you want your brain to be fast, then take eat lemongrass. Magnesium, phosphorus and folate are essential nutrients for the healthy functioning of the nervous system. They help improve concentration, memory and brain capacity.

Protection from bacteria or fungal infections

Due to anti-septic properties present in Lemon Grass, it helps in keeping bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections. Apart from this, it also helps to clean and detox blood.

Remove toxic elements

Due to the antioxidant, antiseptic and diuretic properties present in Lemon Grass, it is an important component to remove the toxic elements of the body. It helps to clean liver, kidney, bladder and pancreas and increase blood circulation. Due to diuretic effect, it helps to carry out toxic substances.

These are all benefits of lemongrass, By eating lemongrass you can make health good and avoid many diseases.