Benefits of chicory root …


Chicory has many unheard benefits

You will be unaware of these powerful benefits of chicory root

Let us tell you wonderful benefits of chicory root after that you will know why you should use chicory root

Chicory is a perennial plant. In Ayurveda, chicory herb is used as a medicine.

The chicory flower is blue in color. And you might be surprised to hear that chicory is also used in place of coffee and does not contain caffeine.

What is chicory?

Chicory is very much used in Ayurveda as a medicine in the field of medicine. Two species of chicory are found. 1. Chicory Rustic (Cichorium intybus Linn) 2. Chicory Wild (Cichorium endivia Linn).

Its benefits are also countless based on the properties of chicory. Let us know about it in detail-

15 Marvelous Benefits of Chicory Root, You must to know

1. Beneficial in headache –

If headache occurs after working all day, using chicory in this way is beneficial.

  • Headache is reduced by consuming powder of 1-2 grams or decoction 10-20 ml.

2. Chicory provides relief from vomiting of blood –

Chicory is very useful in relieving vomiting of blood. Grind 2 grams of chicory leaves and take it with cold water, it provides relief from vomiting of blood.

3. Reduce gum pain –

To reduce the discomfort of gums, gargle by making decoction of chicory seeds, it provides relief from the pain of the mouth and gums.

4. Relief from vomiting –

If vomiting is not reduced due to eating and drinking disturbances, using chicory in this way is beneficial-

Consuming -10-20 ml decoction of chicory seeds helps in relieving vomiting due to bile.

  • Brewing 15-20 milliliters of decoction of chicory seeds provides relief from vomiting.

5. Reduce jaundice –

When there is an imbalance in food and drink, all body functions become unbalanced. Consuming 5-10 ml chicory leaf juice or 15-20 ml chicory leaf decoction is beneficial in jaundice.

6. Relief from liver disease –

To keep liver healthy, drink syrup of chicory flowers and give benefit in disease related to liver.

7. Beneficial for urinary disease –

Urinary problems mean irritation and pain while urinating, intermittent urination, low urination etc. Brewing 15-20 milliliters of decoction of chicory seeds is beneficial in diuretic and urinary diseases.

8. Chicory beneficial in menopause –

After the menopause, everyone is troubled by the symptoms. Make a decoction of chicory seeds, mix jaggery in 20-25 ml decoction and give relief from menstrual problems.

9. Reduce inflammation of vagina –

If there is swelling in the vagina due to some disease, then grind the chicory root finely. By making a bundle of that paste, applying it to the vagina reduces vaginal pain and vaginal inflammation. White water stops coming from its use.

10. Reduce the pain of arthritis –

With aging, everyone starts suffering from the problem of Arthritis. Grinding chicory leaves and applying it provides relief in rheumatism.

11. Beneficial in heart disease

Chicory is very useful in keeping the heart healthy. Grind chicory leaves with barley flour and apply on the place of the heart, it is beneficial in mania or insane and cardiovascular diseases.

12. Relief from insomnia –

13. Beneficial in eye disease –

14. Beneficial in Rheumatoid Arthritis –

15. Beneficial in hives or skin rashes –

These are all amazing benefits of chicory root, By using chicory root you can make health good and avoid many diseases.