Avoid food poisoning in the summer, So Accept these 10 tips…

The problem of food poisoning is very common during the summer season. In fact, the digestibility of the body becomes weak in this season. Apart from this, things like eating and drinking in the summer season are quickly gets worse, increasing the risk of infection. There are usually problems in stomachache, vomiting, and nausea when food poisoning occurs. Apart from this, dysentery and diarrhea are also started at times. If you want to avoid food poisoning this summer, then follow these tips.

Avoid food poisoning, What to do when food poisoning?

If you have repeated problems of vomiting, diarrhea and stomach ache, this is a sign of food poisoning. You can take help of these home remedies when food poisoning occurs.

Banana is very beneficial in food poisoning because there is more potassium in it, which reduces stomach infection. Mash the banana in curd and eat it. by this diarrhea is cured very quickly.

Drink a spoonful of ginger juice and drink half a glass of water. Ginger contains antibacterial and painkiller properties. This will eliminate the infection.

In the treatment of food poisoning, more attention should be given on the matter that there is no water shortage in the patient’s body.

Drink more and more water, as well as soup, thin khichadi, coconut water, rice water, glucose, electrol powder solution etc. should be taken.

Food poisoning is cured by using cumin. For this, fry one spoon, grind cumin seeds and mix it in your soup.

Acidity of lemon juice eliminates bacteria of food poisoning. Therefore, they consider it beneficial to food poisoning.

What to do avoid food poisoning?

To prevent food poisoning, it is important that you keep in mind the food and drink and cleanliness during the summer season.

Eat cooked food within 4-6 hours. For longer periods of time by keeping food things they can get worse.

Avoid eating stale food.

Do not use the kneaded dough placing in the fridge the next day.

Freshly use dairy products like milk, curd, paneer etc.

Do not keep meat, fish, chicken etc. in the fridge for a long time, rather try that these should be used only fresh.

Do not consume fried and fast foods in the market.

Golgappa, Samosa, Kachori, Pakora, Chaumin, burgers etc. Foods that are available in open also threatens food poisoning.

When food poisoning, control these habits.

Do not eat too much together, but rather eat it a bit.

Minimize the use of ghee and oil in the food or do not do it at all until it is recover.

Do not consume everything made from maida.

Do not eat too hot things.

Stay away from spicy things.

Do not take sweet things for a few days.