Ankles and lips correct in 1 night from camphor oil, make it home..

If you talk about camphor benefits then it is full of many qualities. camphor is very beneficial for health, as well as arriving in the shelves of the house, work in the worship of god. Whether the body is swollen or muscle pain, the right use of camphor gets rid of all these things. In winter, people have a problem of bursting their hands, especially the wheels. camphor or camphor oil is very beneficial for this. Whether there is a problem of scar on the skin or irritation of the face or some other problem, camphor use is all right. camphor oil is really beneficial. Today we are telling you the advantages of camphor oil for the torn ankles and how to make this oil. So let’s know how to make these oil-

Make such camphor oil?

Camphor oil is really beneficial. For this, first make a powder of camphor and put it in a vessel. Now add it to coconut oil and let it warm slightly. Now you’re ready to mix. Applying it to torn edges will give you some relief in a few days. Not only this, the skin is soft and shiny. If your lips or hands are torn, then you can use it there too.

Other benefits of camphor

Summers have started and we are also feeling the horror of mosquitoes. In the summer, dengue emerges as an outbreak. camphor also has the effect of protecting against dengue. To avoid dengue, burn a camphor piece in the house. The mosquitoes run away with its smell.

Muscular pain can be removed from camphor. Massage with camphor oil when there is pain in the muscles and joints. Relax and pain will end.

camphor is very aromatic. Its fragrance and chemical variation depend on the tree of camphor being born in a country. The ambient ambience is good with camouflage smoke.

Take camphor, Ajwain, and Peppermint in equal quantity, put them in a bottle and mix it and put that vial in the sun. Keep stirring this solution in the middle. Mix four to eight drops of it with sugar or sugar syrup, give it to the patient of diarrhea. This will provide relief in diarrhea.

Camphor is a panacea for enhancing the beauty of the face. Regular use of camphor causes facial scalability, pimples and scars ending with root. To apply it, add the powder of coconut in coconut oil and place it in a place of stains or pimples. In a few days the effect will be in front of you. Apart from this the massage can also be done for a 10 minute massage of the face.

The torn edges also spoil our personalities and also gives us quite physical pain. Because the torn edges sometimes start to get extremely painful and bleed too. Camphor has proved to be very beneficial to avoid this. Put a little camphor and salt in hot water. Put a few feet in it, then scrub the moisturizer and apply cream. Problems of torn edges will be removed.

The infection can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, it is in the sense that we pay attention to this. Many times our skin burns suddenly. In this way, putting some drops of camphor on the burnt skin gets relief. It reduces irritation and there is no fear of infection.