Benefits of amla…


Amla is of course a small fruit, but there is no comparison in the case of properties. This fruit, which is used in almost every house, is beneficial in many cases. Whether you eat it as a pickle or drink juice or use it as a medicine, in every sense, it is beneficial. Although some people do not know the benefits of eating Amla, we complete this shortcoming today. Today, in this article we are telling you the benefits of Amla.

Let us tell you health benefits of amla after that you will know why you should consume amla

  1. Amla, rich in Vitamin-C, is beneficial for eyes, hair and skin.

2. Amla is a very useful thing for diabetic patients. If the sufferer consumes Amla juice with honey every day, then the disease is relieved.

3. Amla is extremely beneficial for 2 acidity problems. Mixing amla powder, mixing it with sugar or drinking it in water, provides relief from acidity. Apart from this, drinking Amla’s juice helps in stomach problems.

4. Amla is also effective in stone problems. Make a powder by drying the amla for 40 days after applying the stones, and eat that powder with mixing radish juice daily. By this experiment the stones will disappear within a few days.

5. On the lack of hemoglobin in the blood, Consumption of amla juice daily is very beneficial. It is helpful in the formation of red blood cells in the body, and does not allow blood loss.

6. Amla is similar to nectar for eyes, it is helpful in enhancing eyesight. For this, taking one spoon of Amla powder with honey is beneficial every day and the cataract problem also ends.

7. To get rid of the fever, it should be consumed by frying in the juice of amla, besides pain in the tooth and cavity, it provides relief by putting a little camphor in the juice of amla and putting it on the gum.

8. On the heat rise in the body amla is the best solution. Consumption of amla juice or amla to eat in any form it provides coolness. On occurrence hiccups and vomiting, taking juice of amla mixed with sugar candy twice or thrice a day will be a great relief.

9. Amla is very beneficial in enhancing memory. For this, in the morning time, it is beneficial to take Amla’s marmalade with cow’s milk, in addition to that, you can also use amla juice every day.

10. Amla is also useful for you to remove facial scars and make her beautiful. Applying it on the face by making a paste, the skin is clean, shiny and wrinkles are also reduced.

11. Amla is used to make hair black, dense and shiny. With its powder, washing hair or consuming it, it helps to get rid of hair problems.

These are all health benefits of amla, By consuming amla you can make health good and avoid many diseases.