Akarkara Benefits

Akarkara Benefits: 9 Exciting Facts
It stimulates the secretion of saliva and digestive enzymes needed for digestion, thereby alleviating indigestion.

There are many such herbs around the world, which are considered beneficial for the body. These include names like ashwagandha, arjuna bark, and licorice. At the same time, there is another herb, which has been considered beneficial for the body. The name of this herb is Akarkara. It is rich in many medicinal properties, due to which it is considered healthy. How it can provide health benefits and help in protecting against physical problems, we are explaining in detail in this article of Myhealthonly. Here you will get detailed information about the akarkara benefits as well as its uses, precautions, and dosage.


In the beginning part of the article, we are telling what is akarkara.

What happens akarkara?

Akarkara is a perennial herb, found in the Himalayan region. Its scientific name is Anacyclus Pyrethrum. The roots of this plant are slightly aromatic and pungent in taste. The plant and root of Akarkara are known for their medicinal properties present in it. Its root is used more than other parts of the plant. This root is used in the preparation of various Ayurvedic medicines. How it can be beneficial for the body, we are telling this information further.

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Know further about the akarkara powder benefits.

What Akarkara Can Do For You

The akarkara benefits can be many, which we are explaining in detail below. Just note that akarkara is not a cure for a serious illness, but can be an alternative way to reduce the impact of the problem.

  1. Indigestion

The akarkara benefits also include curing indigestion. Akarkara is said to help improve digestion. According to a study, the roots of acacia can aid in digestion by stimulating the secretion of saliva and other digestive juices. In addition, it can also provide relief from stomach gas.

  1. Arthritis

Akarkara powder can also help in relieving arthritis. The reason for this is the antiarthritic effect present in Akarkara. It is said that it can reduce the symptoms of arthritis by improving blood circulation. At the same time, another research suggests the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive properties of acacia, which may help reduce the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis.

  1. Paralysis

Akarkara has been used worldwide for years to prevent paralysis. In fact, acacia can activate the masticatory (the process of chewing food), which is believed to be beneficial in paralysis of the muscles of the tongue and throat. It is considered a tonic for paralysis.

  1. For fever

Akarkara powder can also be beneficial in fever. Research has said that akarkara can be used for years in typhus fever (caused by bacterial infection). Actually, it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects, due to which it can work as a way to reduce fever. For this reason, the consumption of Akarkara can be advised in mild fever.

  1. To enhance memory

Akarkara has memory-enhancing activity. For this reason, it can be used to increase memory. In fact, the ethanolic extract of acacia can improve memory by increasing the level of cholinesterase in the brain. Cholinesterase is a type of enzyme found in the central nervous system, nervous tissue, muscles, and red cells.

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  1. Hiccups

Akarkara powder can also be used to reduce hiccups. A mixture of half teaspoon akarkara powder and honey can be beneficial in case of hiccups. At present, it is not clear in scientific research which properties of akarkara are helpful in stopping hiccups.

  1. For Teeth

This Ayurvedic herb akarkara can also be used to keep teeth away from problems. Akarkara has a sialagogue (saliva-producing) effect, which can provide relief from toothache. It can also help in relieving dental caries, loose teeth, and pyuria. For this reason, akarkara powder can also be used in herbal toothpaste.

  1. To relieve mild dizziness and lethargy

If you are troubled by mild dizziness and lethargy, then Akarkara can be consumed. It is a popular belief that to remove lethargy and to get rid of the problem of mild dizziness, you can eat honey mixed with a little acacia powder. At the moment, there is no precise and clear research available in this regard.

  1. Menstrual problems

Akarkara can reduce the problem of irregular and delayed menstruation. Along with this, it is also considered helpful in curing stopped menstruation. Actually, akarkara acts like an emmenagogue, which can work to increase menstrual flow. Sexual Health Traditionally, akarkara can also be used for better sexual health. Akarkara is said to act as an aphrodisiac. It can increase libido and slow down ejaculation. At the same time, if consumed with water for a month, it can show libido-enhancing effects. In addition, it can also be helpful in increasing male fertility.

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After the akarkara powder benefits, in the next part of the article, we are going to tell about the use of Akarkara.

How to Use Akarkara

After knowing the akarkara benefits, it is also important to have information related to its use. For this reason, below we are telling about the use of Akarkara.

  • Akarkara can be used in the form of powder and powder mixed with water.
  • Its powder and powder can be consumed with honey.
  • Akarkara root can also be consumed directly.
  • Akarkara capsules are also available in the market, they can also be consumed on medical advice.
  • Gums can also be massaged with Akarkara powder.

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Now let’s take a look at the precautions related to Akarkara.

Precautions Before Taking Akarkara

The akarkara powder’s benefits are considered to be many, but some things should be taken care of before consuming it. Know below what the precautions related to Akarkara –

  • Akarkara should be consumed in moderation. Akarkara can be harmful due to excessive consumption.
  • Akarkara has a diuretic effect, which can lead to frequent urination.
  • Some people may also be prone to allergies due to their consumption. For this reason, eat only a small amount at first, so that it can be known whether it causes allergies or not.

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Next, we are giving information about the safe dosage of akarkara.

Akarkara Supplements

The intake of Anacyclus pyrethrum at 175 mg and 550 mg per kg of body weight are reported to be safe. At the same time, the maximum dose of Akarkara, 2000 mg per kg of weight, is also considered safe for consumption. According to the need of his body, a person can consume it in the quantity mentioned above or in between. Apart from this, medical consultation can also be taken in this matter.

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Let us now know about the side effects of eating akarkara.

Side Effects Of Akarkara

Akarkara can have both benefits and side effects. Below we are telling about the side effects of Akarkara, which can be due to its excessive consumption –

  • It is not clear whether it is safe to consume during pregnancy. For this reason, its consumption in pregnancy cannot be advised.
  • Because of its diuretic effect, it would be better if akarkara is not consumed at night. Otherwise, you will have to get up to urinate throughout the night and sleep will not be complete.
  • As we have already mentioned above that akarkara can make more saliva, so if consumed at night time, saliva can be released from the mouth.
  • We have already mentioned that it can increase menstrual flow. For this reason, it should be avoided during periods. Otherwise, there may be more blood loss.

You have come to know about Akarkara in detail. Use it only after keeping in mind the precautions related to its use. Also, it would be better to use it only by taking a look at the way of using Akarkara. Even though its side effects is not serious, pay special attention to its quantity before consuming it. The benefits of any herb are obtained only by consuming it in moderation.