After shaving, apply these small things, skin will form silky and shiny…

Regular shaving is a part of Daily Grooming for men. But by shaving daily, men’s skin becomes very hard with dryness. After this, due to the skin rafting due to razor everyday, men have to struggle with irritation, burning, cutting-edge or dryness problems. Aftershave lotions contain alcohol, which can cause skin dryness and ruff, or many other side effects.

  • After shaving, if some things households and kitchens are kept on the face, they can maintain skin smoothing. Side effects can also be avoided by alcohol present in aftershave lotion.

Let’s know, with which home remedies after shaving, you can make face silky and shiny.

Cold milk

Lactic acid present in milk works as a natural moisturizer. After shaving, put a cotton in cold milk and put it on the face and wash the face after a while. This gives relief from facial irritation after shaving and skin becomes soft.


Papaya present in papaya removes enzyme rashes and irritation. Mash the papaya on the face with light hands on the whole face. After 10 minutes wash it with water. This will not only burn the face but also remove dead facial cells and make skin glowing.

Apple cider vinegar

The anti-inflammatory properties contained in it provide relief from burning and itching due to the razor. In a bowl of water, a spoonful apple cider protects vinegar from acetic acid infection.

Baking soda

Mix one spoon baking soda in a cup of water and put it on a skin from the cotton. Inflammatory properties present in it make the skin smooth and clear by removing irritation and redness.


By removing the irritation and pain of the vitamin C contained in it and making the face hydrated. For this, place the slices of cucumbers kept in the freeze on the face or put a paste of pudding. There will be coolness on the face.

Raw potato

Potato juice contains mineral like phosphorus, potassium. After shaving, put raw potato juice on the skin or light slices on the face of slices of potato. It removes rashes and burning sensation in the skin.


The honey works like an antiseptic and antibiotic. This makes skin smooth and shiny. After shaving, massage the face with light hands on the face. Wash with lukewarm water after a while.

Black tea

Tannic acid in it prevents skin from irritation and redness. Removes skin itching and irritation. Put cold black tea on the skin with cotton. Massage the face or soak the tea bag.

Turmeric water

This is a great antiseptic. After shaving, relief from cutting and irritation of cuttings. Applying it in the skin after shaving brings a glow in the skin. Apply half a teaspoon turmeric powder in a cup of water and apply it on the face with the help of cotton.

Aloe vera

The anti-inflammatory properties present in it reduce the risk of rashage and irritation rather than shaving on the face. After shaving, remove the aloe vera gel completely and apply it on the face. After 10 minutes wash your face with cold water.


Minerals in bananas make the skin soft and smooth. After the shaving, the roughness and dryness are removed. Massage the banana by mashing face. Wash with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.