Acid reflux symptoms…


Today we are going to tell you about some symptoms of acid reflux

Acid reflux is the condition when the acid present in the stomach reaches the food pipe. This condition arises due to deterioration of valves. The tube from the mouth to the stomach is called the food pipe and the lowest part of the food pipe is called the gastro esophageal junction, which is a valve-like structure. Let’s know what are the symptoms of acid reflux.

Know about the symptoms of acid reflux that indicate that you are suffering from acid reflux.

Symptoms of acid reflux.

1. Chest pain –

Chest pain is a symptom of acid reflux. It occurs when stomach acid reaches the food pipe. Due to this, there is chest pain, sometimes light and sometimes painful pain can also occur. In this way, chest pain should not be ignored and the doctor should be contacted immediately.

2. Stomach Ache from food –

Excessive eating can cause stomach pain for anyone. That too when the stomach is full and food is coming up the tube. Therefore, it is advised to avoid overeating and avoid resting after meals. Also reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption.

3. Severe pain during rest –

Sometimes at night there is a problem of acidity at bedtime and the acid comes straight to the food pipe. After eating all this, it is caused by sleeping straight and back. Even if you sleep on the right side, you will get relief. Or you can sleep with a high pillow under your head, this effect can be reduced through this situation.

4. Cough

Digestive system problems can cause coughing. But without a cold, if you cough after eating or if you cough after a meal, you should get a pH test done to check for acid reflux.

5. Change in voice –

When the stomach acid slips to the food pipe, then the vocal cords start to cause irritation, due to which the sound starts to sit. And if you feel a change in your voice after a meal, you may have an acid reflux problem.

6. Asthma –

The presence of acid in the lungs due to acid reflux causes respiratory tract problems. This can cause it to trigger asthma. Not only this, asthma medicines increase the acidity in people who already have asthma. However, it has not yet been proved that there is some correlation between acid reflux and asthma.

7. Nausea –

Nausea is also a symptom of acid reflux. Many people complain of nausea due to acid reflux. Many times nausea occurs immediately after a meal. Regular acidic palliative treatment can help you with this.

8. Anemia –

Long-term use of medicines used to treat acidity affects absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Along with this, the level of iron is also reduced due to medicines which can cause anemia.

9. Extra saliva –

When acid enters the esophagus, your body may try to get rid of the leading irritant that causes excess saliva to form in your mouth. If you also experience some discomfort or excess saliva after meals. So, this may cause acid reflux.