A gentleman has 10 qualities women are likes this..

You are good to look. The job is also good and your behavior is also good. But even if you extend the hand of friendship towards a girl, then she goes back. Remember your funny predicament can be childish at times, actually they like Gentlemen.

Gentle and balanced behavior

Some men inadvertently fail to make their mark in front of any girl or woman, in fact most women want a decent and balanced attitude in terms of friendship with men.

Just listen to them too

Many boys have a habit that the girl is telling them something, at that time they start looking around, Or when someone comes goes comments on the those, avoid all these habits and listen to the girl’s comfort.

Improve habits

Girls do not like many of your habits. Such as sipping spit anywhere by eating paan or do not keep hand on your mouth while sneezing or yawning, these small things give girls a lot of information about you. So you can influence a girl by taking care of these things.

Do not praise much

Boys who do their own praise, do not like girls. Even if you are not speaking the truth, but girls believe that praise are those by others, should therefore avoid making more praise from themselves. When you talk to the girl, tell her less, listen to her more. Learn what his ambitions are, what are dreams, what he likes, and what thing can she to anger him.

Avoid roam around back and forth

Well, you like her, but it’s not okay to roam around behind her like a lattu. Girls do not like it Girls like serious boys in nature. Girls like boys who have their self esteem. If you have told your Feelings once, then do not ask him for his reply at all times.

Pay respect

Respecting a woman is the first sign of any good man. Your behavior towards women reflects your thinking. What kind of language do you use for them, it shows what kind of thoughts you have about them. Girls do not like boys who have an unpleasant and uncomfortable attitude towards women.

Avoid touching as much as possible

Girls do not like boys who try to touch them. So, look like a gentle man in front of the girl, avoid touching your girlfreind as much as possible. Get involved with your partner first mentally and emotionally. Proceed only after that. You can not make room in the heart of a girl without crossing these stairs.

Having a little care

The boy’s careing nature attracts them to girls. The girls tend to take care of their tendency to think that you will take care of them all the time and at they also believe that a decent male caring but here you have to understand the difference between careing and ‘lattu’. And the gentle men know this difference very well.

Improve your habits

Suddenly Laughing loudly, claping, Recite bad junk jokes, others are timid and prove themselves brave, etc. Under no circumstances should these weaknesses be near you. All these habits are not good considered to be of any noble person. No one girl will come near you because of all these habits.

Do not abusing talk

Many boys have a habit of abusing the talk; this habit does not like the girls at all. If you want to impress the girl, behave like a gentleman, not like Tom Boy. You should behave like an ocean, not like a river or rainy river.