7 things that you are doing wrong…

Wrong habits

Most people have many such bad habits, which they are aware of many times, but they do not recover this. Although some habits do not have negative effects on body or life, some habits can be very harmful to our body. Worried that people do not pay attention to these habits and they continue to suffer losses gradually. So let’s know that they are some of the which one seven things that you are doing wrong.

Wrong posture of sitting, walking and sleeping

If your seating, walk, standing and sleeping posture are wrong then it can be a loss for your back bone. This is the most common cause of back pain also. Living in wrong posture, the blood circulation of the body is also affected, which can cause pain in the lower part of the waist and waist.

Cleaning of teeth

Dentist explains that to keep the teeth healthy, it is necessary to brush in the morning and night before sleeping. Sleep the teeth after brushing after dinner. Along with this, dental flossing is also important.

Lack of sleep

It is very necessary to take a lot of sleep to be healthy and mentally healthy. Without 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day, there is a negative impact on the body’s immune system. It also keeps mental stress.

Way to breathe

Breath is life-saving, so it is very important to take it properly. but as we grow older, we forget about the way to breathe. So try that by filling the stomach, take full breath. As children take it.

Way of bathing

We often take too much bath due to lack of accurate information, which causes damage to the skin. Therefore, use normal temperature water for bathing and if possible you can stay without one day in the month without a bath.

Eating more medicines

It has been observed that most people eat medicines for minor problems, that too consult without the doctor. This habit has negative effects on health. Addict Painkillers, especially for headaches, periods or for stomach aches etc., can cause many new problems in the body.

Bed tea

Taking the habit of bed t can cause acidity and gas. So place, honey or lemon in lukewarm water and drink, instead of bed tea. By doing so, digestion is correct, disease resistance will increase and blood circulation is also better.