10 rules for making solid body…


Making solid body

Every man has a desire for a strong and solid body. To get such a body, it needs to be fit and make muscles. But do not necessarily have to eat more than you need for it, or exercise a groin break. You can find strong muscles by adopting a few simple tips.

Reduce obesity

The first rule of planning to make strong muscles is to reduce the excess fat of your body. Making for stomach muscles strong, do not let it come out. Therefore, to make muscles, start controlling your obesity from today.


Stretching shows a fantastic effect in the construction of muscles. Stretching gives relief to the muscles, and makes exercises faster. And this type of speed gives better results to all kinds of exercises. Whatever type of stretching you are doing for this, drag the muscles a little while. But while stretching, keep in mind that do not do it too quickly quickly because doing so may cause injury and pain in the muscles starts to happen.

Warm up

Warm up sessions are necessary before stretching. Warm-up makes the muscles, ligaments and tendons completely stretch. You can also walk or jogging for 10 minutes to warm up. Warming your muscles before exercising reduces the risk of injury. And helps the muscles to perform all kinds of exercises.

Avoid Injuries

Avoiding injury is another important rule of solid body. Taking extremely fast and heavy weight lifting while making mussels can cause injuries like slipped disc and strained erector. You can reduce the risk of such injuries by warm-up, and correct techniques by every set.

Include cardio

It is very important to add cardio to your muscle making program. Nobody can get much benefit from the heavy weight exercise scheme, Unless you can do that good cardio. Even simple cardio exercises such as running, swimming, rowing, and cycling can also be useful to you.

Have a balanced diet

Protein is most needed to strengthen the muscles properly. But mineral, vitamins and carbohydrates also have important role for the body along with proteins as well. For this, eat more milk, pulses and fish in the food. Also avoid as much as possible by eating cakes, biscuits etc. Include wheat, green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Use free weights

Adding the free weight to your exercises by machines to make muscles helps you create more muscles. Free weight allows you to get maximum range and maximum results for Muscle Exercise.

Optimum reps

The repetition of the exercise is the best way to get maximum results from exercise. It is important that you repeat the exercise as many times as you can. Doing this allows you to pump the muscles to get good results. But keep in mind the use of brakes and proper techniques between avoid injuries, and sets.

High amount of water

This thing is known to all that the human body is made of 70 percent water and muscle cells have approximately 75 percent water. Hydrating the muscles helps in increase in power, increase in energy levels and proper digestion. Hydration is most important as compared to other food items for making muscles.

Rest is important for making solid body

While you are relaxing, many muscles grow fastest at that time. After a heavy weight session, it is very important to relax in order to increase muscles. During the day, relaxing and adequate sleep is very important to achieve good results.